Zilliqa Announces Its Own Web 3 Gaming Console With Crypto Mining Capabilities

Zilliqa is currently working on a console which will allow players to mine cryptocurrency while they play their favorite Web3 games.

Zilliqa is a Layer 1 crypto protocol that announced the launch its Web3-focused console to compete against Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony. However, it has a unique twist that makes it stand out.

VentureBeat’s Zilliqa statement states that the new console will be aimed at gamers and crypto enthusiasts. It will include a Game hub, Web3 wallet and other crypto mining utilities. The gaming hub will be tested by Zilliqa in the next month.

Zilliqa is not yet revealing the hardware specifications for the console. However, judging from the number of ports in the photos (Headphone Jack and Ethernet), it should be a comparable piece of hardware to its mainstream counterparts.

Zilliqa gaming console ports

Zilliqa Hopes To Become the Steam of Web 3 Gaming

Head of Zilliqa’s gaming technology, Valentin Cobelea said that the company received a tremendous response when it revealed its first game at Gamescom. The team hopes to attract users’ attention for its gaming capabilities and for the monetary incentives that will be offered, which will be a plus for anyone interested.

“Zilliqa’s gaming console and hardware console will let non-crypto natives make money while having fun playing games, without having to manage the crypto they earn.”

Cobelea stated that the gaming console and hub will launch in 2023, once the company has expanded its product line. Zilliqa hopes that it will be “the Steam equivalent of Web3 games.”

“With the support of Zilliqa’s large crypto community, and the simple-to-use infrastructure we have no doubt that it is possible to become the Steam equivalent for Web3 gaming,”

Gaming Industry: Web 3 Video Games

A Zilliqa report about Web3 games shows that blockchain gaming activity has risen more than 2000% in 2021. Despite the bearish times, some games still have over 300,000 active users.

These types of games will still need to be competitive with Web 2 because players who join Web2 are there to have fun and not to gain economic benefits, while Web3 is where the majority of players are trying to make money.

Zilliqa says that the Web3 gaming market is still young and infected with many challenges. Studios may be able in the future to offer more game options, which will not only focus on monetary incentives but also provide fun and competitive games. Zilliqa cites the example of Axie Infinity, where many families from countries such as the Philippines quit their jobs to devote themselves to the game.

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