Zetly Introduces an Exciting All-in-One Platform for Sports

There is no denying that the world is moving digital. Many industries are poised for major changes due to the advancement of concepts like the metaverse. The sports industry is no exception.

Zetly, a Polish-Estonian startup in tech, has the primary goal of creating the world’s most comprehensive digital platform for athletes, clubs, federations and fans.

Club tokens are the primary goal of this project. It enables clubs and federations generate new income streams by issuing their own internal currency. They will also be able to develop new business strategies that focus on engaging the fan community. Education and community building are two of the most important aspects of the platform. This allows superfans to be incentivised while increasing the digital reach of clubs, organizations and athletes.

Michal Glijer (founder and CEO of Zetly), spoke on the subject.

“We want all players in the sports market to be able to take part equally in the creation of the digital economy. Zetly hopes to facilitate the trade and exchange of collectibles using digital technologies, and create new digital products for sport. Zetly will create a digital marketplace for NFT content, which will allow fans to make additional revenue and secure their property rights via digital certificates.

Multi-Module Approach

The Zetly team understands the complexity of digital communities and has developed a multi-module, tiered approach to address them. At its core, the Zetly Wallet is the heart. It will allow everyone to make financial transactions on the platform.

The Zetly Sport Module is the core module of the platform. It’s for both sports clubs and fans. One side, for clubs, the module will serve as the foundation for issuing utility tokens which can be exchanged for ZET tokens. Club tokens can be used to redeem special rewards, digital collectibles and club products.

The module will allow for a club token exchange market. However, the value of these tokens will depend upon many factors including team success.

Take it one step further

The platform will see the introduction of Zetly NFT Creator module, in addition to the first two modules. Glijer commented on this:

“This solution is intended for all NFT enthusiasts and fans. Platform users will now be able create and sell digital content using NFT thanks to this module. This module is for anyone who wants to share their emotions and lives.

The Zetly Collectibles module, which will allow users to buy, own and transfer digital assets, will be available in the future. These digital assets will be linked with their non-fungible token (NFT). Digital collections can be sold to increase revenue sources for clubs. It also offers a platform to promote your personal brand.

Zetly Crowd is the crowdfunding platform that connects people seeking funding with dedicated supporters and fans.

Zetly will create an exclusive and autonomous Sports Hub. It will take the form of a white-label application, which is equipped with many functions and a dedicated CMS system to allow communication between all stakeholders.

These solutions allow clubs to build a smart arena that uses the NFT, tokens for payment in the fan shop and tokens to sell tickets. This will allow fans to vote and participate in club events. These activities will help to build a larger community around clubs. Zetly offers clubs and leagues the tools in the Hub to engage with and strengthen activity among fans and sponsors.” – Said Zetly’s CEO.

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