Xfinite Announced its Collaboration with Algorand Foundation

[PRESS RELEASE- BVI, September 22, 2021]

Algorand Foundation and Blockchain platform Xfinite have announced their collaboration to build trust with the public and create a permissionless infrastructure for a borderless economic system. Both Xfinite as Algorand Foundation share the same mission: to create an inclusive ecosystem and improve the way people interact using blockchain solutions.

Algorand Foundation is committed to advancing blockchain development. It leverages its protocol and open source software to lower the barriers to adoption. Algorand’s technology allows everyone to enjoy a secure, fast, and trusted ecosystem that includes developers, technology companies, and users. Its consensus mechanism uses pure proof-of stake (PPOS) to bring more security, speed and sustainability to online transactions. Algorand is a leader in carbon-negative technology. It allows users to pay less in a shorter time and with lower fees.

This partnership is part of Xfinite’s vision to promote blockchain mass adoption and revolutionize media through innovation using customer experience and data-driven engagement and ecosystem economics to support community development. Xfinite has formed a major partnership to develop new and innovative use cases for blockchain technology. Xfinite uses the Algorand technology to support creators and brands. This allows them to engage with consumers in a new way while the audience is rewarded for consuming quality content. The Xfinite Entertainment Token (XET) is designed to reward Xfinite users and creators by tokenizing engagement and creating a circular economic system. XET was listed on MEXC 15 September 2021.

Algorand features include Algorand Standard Assets, (ASA), which is a standardized Layer-1 method to represent any type of asset on Algorand’s blockchain. This means that you can perform fast, secure and cost-effective operations unlike any other, as they are directly integrated into Algorand Layer-1. Xfinite’s robust blockchain reduces market challenges like fees and intermediaries, delays, bad processes, and other costs. This makes it a highly efficient platform for both users and businesses.

About Xfinite

Xfinite, a blockchain-based platform, is designed to re-establish trust among consumers, content creators, publishers, and other stakeholders. The Xfinite ecosystem aids the media and entertainment industries in combating advertising fraud by increasing transparency, and creating a new culture of engagement. Xfinite has formed partnerships with various global corporations to foster innovation and develop new uses for blockchain technology. Eros Now, SpiceJet and Dailyhunt are some of the recent partnerships.

About Algorand Foundation

The Algorand Foundation works to fulfill the global promise of Blockchain technology. It leverages the Algorand protocol, open-source software and original design of Silvio Micali and other top scientists. The Algorand Foundation is a foundation that believes in an open, permissionless, and public blockchain. It has a vision of an inclusive ecosystem that allows everyone to benefit from the potential of an equitable, truly borderless economy.

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Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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