World Teeters on Recession: What it Means for Crypto (Opinion)

U.S. Treasury yields rose Monday as markets focused on inflation woes, and the possibility of a recession.

All eyes are now on the Federal Reserve’s two-day policy meeting, which concluded Wednesday. The central authority raised the interest rates by 75 base points as many had expected.

Analysts were able to gauge the situation better thanks to a series of tech earnings reports and the most recent GDP figures. This showed that the second consecutive quarter had negative GPD percentages. Many are predicting that the U.S. could be already in recession, but the authorities continue to deny it.

2022 Recession vs. The 2020 Pandemic Crash

According to the Commerce Department, a recession is “a severe decline in economic activity that spreads across the economy and lasts longer than a few weeks.”

The annual decline of 1.6% in GDP was evident in the first quarter of this year’s GDP. The GDP declined 0.9% in Q2 2022. According to the Fed, it may be possible to achieve a “soft landing.” However, after almost three years of easy dollars loans, the FOMC may be unable to manage an economic crisis.

There have been many correlations between cryptocurrency and stocks. Is there a positive or negative correlation between crypto and GDP growth, or is it inverse? It is difficult to know for sure. Because the industry has experienced only one recession in its short history. It was 2020, at the heights of the pandemics and lockdowns.

From February to April 2020, bitcoin’s value fell along with other asset types. It had recovered its losses by July. It soared by more than triple-digit percentages up to March 2021. The crypto exchange rate between bitcoin and USD was now at $60,000 per bitcoin.

Other factors that influence the price of bitcoin than GDP are quite different this time around from 2020. We are now free from the fear, uncertainty and doubt that characterized the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. In times of economic uncertainty, cash is the king.

The near future could see inflation or a recession. However, businesses and markets can understand the threats and weaknesses that lie ahead. This is a far cry of the global disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Recession may be good for crypto, just like Fortune 500

Like all markets, cryptocurrency markets move with the U.S. Federal Funds Rate. Warren Buffett, the investing genius, said it:

“Interest rates to asset prices are like gravity to the apple. Asset prices are attracted to low interest rates because they have a low gravitational pull.


Interest rates are the most important thing in time-based valuation.

However, it would be surprising if analysts could show a correlation between crypto prices, total sales, and every business in every sector of the country. It would be difficult to design a method that could answer this question.

One thing is certain about economic downturns, and entrepreneurial ventures such as those that are driving the cryptocurrency industry today: one thing is certain. Startups that thrive in recessions go on to be some of the most important and stable value-creators in the economy.

More than half of Fortune 500 companies were founded in a recession. They also created more stable and secure jobs than the wider economy.

This is why the Kauffman Foundation declared during the Great Recession of mid-2009, that: The economic future has just arrived.

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