Vitalik Believes Crypto Volatility Will Stabilize Like Gold

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, was interviewed recently about the state of crypto markets and the future for blockchain technology. Although he does not know the price, he predicted that crypto market volatility would slow to that of stocks and gold in the medium-term.

The developer also discussed proof of work, proof stake and the unwillingness of Bitcoiners to accept the former.

Where will Crypto settle?

Vitalik spoke with Noah Smith in an interview, saying that he was surprised the current crypto bear markets hadn’t started sooner. He knew that prices would eventually fall, even though they were still high. But he didn’t know when.

He said, “It seems like people are reading into what is ultimately the cyclical dynamics crypto has always had & will continue to have for quite a while.”

Four-year market cycles have been a hallmark of crypto, which is consistent with the approximately four-year reduction in Bitcoin’s supply. The asset’s percentage returns in booms have increased steadily, despite Bitcoin’s rising price floor.

Smith then asked Vitalik whether this meant that Bitcoin was following an adoption curve. This is where the market eventually saturates, and the price stability of the gold. The developer agreed.

He predicted that cryptocurrencies would settle down in the medium-term and become as volatile as the stock market or gold.

Vitalik stated that while he does not know the future, he believes crypto will be a more popular asset. This means that while crypto’s market role and established uses have become more solidified, it is becoming less certain about its potential limits.

Vitalik suggested, for example, that crypto could replace gold in its role as a store of wealth and be a “Linux of Finance” before 2020. However, it may not become mainstream. This scenario lowers the chances that crypto will “either disappear, or take over the entire world in 2042.”

Vitalik stated in April that cryptocurrencies are not expected to replace traditional currencies.

Bitcoiners: No Merge

Next month, Ethereum will undergo “The Merge”, a permanent transition to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. According to the Ethereum Foundation, the upgrade will make Ethereum more secure, efficient, and scalable.

Bitcoiners, however, have always defended the need for proof of work to ensure that the network remains neutral and decentralized.

VItalik states that proof of work is less secure than proof or stake and is therefore bad for the environment. Miners need to be constantly rewarded with new coins in order to maintain the safety of the network. This is because they expend so much energy to defend it.

Bitcoin’s case is that miners get almost all of their energy spent with newly issued Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s block subsidy will decrease over time and miners will be more dependent upon transaction fees to subsidize security.

Bitcoin, however, has a smaller fee market than Ethereum. This means that it might not be able maintain its energy security in future without subsidy. This could make it vulnerable to attack.

Vitalik stated, “If Bitcoin is actually attacked, I do believe that the political will will switch to at minimum hybrid proof of stake quickly, but that it will be a painful transition.”

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