Use of Replace By Fee in Bitcoin Transactions Skyrocketed in 2021

Would you pay more to get your Bitcoin transaction processed faster? Data suggests that you would.

The Use of Replace by Fee –a Bitcoin transaction feature that allows you to increase the fee after a transaction is submitted — has more than doubled since 2021. This may indicate that Bitcoin adoption has led to greater competition among users to place their transactions on the next block.

Replace by Fee: A Secret Older Than Bitcoiners Discover Today

Bitcoinops has compiled statistics that show the usage of Replace-by-Fee transactions increased from 14% to 28% in this year’s first quarter.

Data shows that almost a third (144) of all Bitcoin transactions used the fee-boosting option, which was first implemented in 2016, when GreenAddress (now Green Wallet), started supporting this solution.

Graph showing the number Bitcoin transactions that use Replace-by-fee. Source: Bitcoinops

In its first year of existence, Replace By Fee had little impact. It was able to surpass the goal of 5% transactions in 2018, and it would take two more years to reach 10% usability.

The story began to change in the third quarter 2020. As the user base grew, the cryptocurrency boom hit institutions, and people began sending Bitcoin like mad. In October 2020, the percentage of Replace by Fee transactions was 15%, while it reached 20% in April 2021. The year ended at close to 30% with a peak of 27.5%.

As the Bitcoin Ecosystem grows, alternatives to improve the user experience are becoming more popular

This is a clear trend. In the short-term, RBF transactions are increasing. There does not appear to be a clear percentile ceiling.

However, daily transactions processed on the network have fallen to a low of 260K in comparison to the peak of almost 450K in 2019. The current processing volume of around 260K transactions per day is almost double that of June 2018, when the number of transactions was less than 200K/day in the midst a price slump.

Daily BTC transactions per day. Source:

RBF usage is a crucial statistic for usability, as it indicates a growing interest to fast transaction processing. Options like Child Pays For Parent or Replace by Fee help to make bitcoin more accessible.

To accept a payment, an exchange, payment processor or service provider may require six block confirmations. Many wallets already offer automatic fee calculation. However, if there is an error or urgency on the buyer’s part, the Replace by Fee feature can be used to save them from long wait times.

If paying more for faster Bitcoin transactions seems like an insult to your bitcoin-loving friend then perhaps it is a good idea not to allow them to use the popular DeFi protocols and NFT projects.

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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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