US SEC Insists Companies to Account for Risks Related to Crypto

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), urged crypto service providers to inform clients about the risks associated with their operations. Investors should be cautious about investing in this asset class, as they may suffer financial loss.

It is important to hold crypto firms accountable

The US SEC issued guidance to a wide range of entities, including cryptocurrency-related companies, to explain in detail the essence of their operations and reveal the potential risks to customers.

The watchdog reminded firms that there is no standard for protecting digital assets and they should be treated as a liability in their balance sheets. The watchdog recommended that organizations disclose the “nature” and amount of cryptocurrency they hold.

Inexperienced investors were once more warned by the SEC about the risks associated with the industry. The SEC demanded that clients be informed by companies that they could lose their money.

“The technology mechanisms that support crypto assets being issued, held or transferred, and the legal uncertainties surrounding holding crypto assets for other people, create significant increased risks…including a greater risk of financial loss.”

In the past few months, several entities’ security has been compromised. This has resulted in financial losses for users. Hackers hacked into the crypto exchange CryptoCom in January and stole $34 million of digital assets.

This week, wrongdoers stole $625 million worth of crypto from Ronin Network, an Ethereum-linked sidechain. Both cases were repaid fully by the victims.

One of the SEC’s tasks for 2022 is to regulate crypto exchanges

Although the SEC has not stated plans to ban cryptocurrency transactions in the United States, it is keen to apply comprehensive regulations to the sector.

Gary Gensler, the current Chair of SEC, stated earlier this year that Washington’s financial watchdogs must directly supervise crypto-exchanges. To provide investors greater protection when dealing in bitcoin and other altcoins, Gensler believes that such an initiative should be taken in 2022.

“I have asked staff to examine every avenue to get these platforms into the investor protection remit.” It would be another year for the public to be vulnerable if the trading platforms are not allowed into the regulated space.

Gensler spoke again about crypto after President Joe Biden signed the first executive order regarding digital assets. Gensler said that he is looking forward to working with his “colleagues across government” to improve the environment for the sector. He echoed the White House’s emphasis on protecting customers and preventing illicit activity.

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