Ulti Arena: an Exclusive NFT Marketplace for Gaming Assets

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Ulti Arena announced the launch their NFT Marketplace Game Assets. The marketplace will only be for game assets and can also be used in other games.

Ulti Arena will be a platform that allows game developers, artists, and freelancers to display their assets, user interfaces, music, and share value.

Booming Gaming Industry

After the advent of play-to earn games, the gaming industry has seen unprecedented growth.

Blockchain technology and a token economy have facilitated more growth. In-game items (two-dimensional/3D characters, weapons and music, as well as sound, sound and user interfaces) can now be traded in non-fungible tokens. This allows for more use cases.

This is a great development, but it can be difficult to trace the original creators of these items as they are scattered across different markets. Artists and creators lose royalties if their assets are used in animations or games.

Enters Ulti Arena

Ulti Arena aims to fill this gap and more. It provides a place where creators and artists of all kinds can not only share their work but also exchange ideas and other forms value.

Ulti Arena proposes a solution based on non-fungible tokens, which are a unique asset type currently gaining popularity. Artists and developers can use them to track their assets across multiple chains. NFTs offer artists and developers a new source of income. They allow their assets to be sold as unique pieces for buyers who bid.

Ulti Arena is not like other marketplaces which are more general. It focuses on gaming products. The Ulti marketplace currently runs on Binance Smart Chain. Ulti Arena plans to expand to Polygon by November. This will allow users from other chains like Ethereum and OpenSea to access the largest marketplace in the NFT ecosystem.

Expanding Use Cases

Ulti Arena has expanded the use of its niche-specific NFT market by adding functionality that allows artists and developers to create customized storefronts according to their preferences in regard to theme, color, URL, and URL. Their profile can be easily identified so that other artists and developers can collaborate to create the next big game.

Ulti Arena also offers a forum for gamers and gaming enthusiasts to discuss bootstrapping. Participants in these forums can earn ULTI tokens, Ulti Arena’s native and governance token. These tokens can be traded on crypto exchanges and will provide gamers passive income.

The team has introduced a Proof of Gaming concept to increase the utility of ULTI tokens. This provides a consensus mechanism for users so that tokens can be earned for playing games in ULTI Metaverse – a blockchain-based play-to-earn game designed to pivot the Ulti Arena ecosystem.

The in-game stats of the player, such as kills and support, determine how much ULTI tokens they earn. The more players do well, the more they will earn.

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