Ukraine Launches NFT Museum to Remember The War Against Russia —And Raise Funds

Mykhailo Fedorov (Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine) and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine announced the opening of a NFT museum, where the most important events of the Ukrainian-Russian war will be displayed.

This appears to be the materialization a first-invented idea by Alex Bornyakov, reported by CryptoPotato March 14.

Fedorov stated that the museum would be a place for Ukrainian identity and freedom celebrations, as well as keeping alive the memories of events which took place between February 24th, when Russia attacked Ukraine.

We rely on the revolutionary blockchain tech to save Ukraine from Russia’s tanks. Launch of @Meta_History_UA NFT Museum This is the place to preserve the war memory. The place to celebrate Ukrainian freedom and identity. Check here:

— Mykhailo Fedorov, @FedorovMykhailo, March 25, 2022

The NFT museum will also collect donations to support the Ukrainian people in these difficult times.

To help Ukraine, NFTs and cryptocurrencies join forces.

The potential of cryptocurrency to aid a country’s citizens and economy in the Russian war against Ukraine has been demonstrated. They have raised awareness about a group of enthusiasts who want to support human lives beyond political or ideological inclinations.

According to the official website of NFT Museum, 100% of all NFT sales proceeds will be “directly to crypto-accounts of Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine” in support of both civilians and troops.

To leave a legacy on history, the NFT museum was established. The Ukrainian government wants the future generations to be able to see how their lives were affected by the conflict and what it meant for them.

“The formula for each NFT is simple: Each token is a news piece from an official source, and an illustration from international […] artists. We will not let any day of this period go unnoticed in the history books.”

Ukraine has received cryptocurrency donations of more than $65million

According to the portal of Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation, Ukraine has received over $65 million in cryptocurrency.

More than $60M was donated, and $10M was donated within a few days!

Thanks @FinancialTimes & @CristinaCriddle! “As the war continues, the government has refined their approach. This week, it launched an official @_AidForUkraine website”#HelpUkraineWithCrypto at

— Aid For Ukraine

(@_AidForUkraine), March 19, 2022

Alex Bornyakov (Ukraine’s Deputy Minister for Digital Transformation) stated that cryptocurrencies had played a “significant role in Ukraine’s defense,” helping to supply food, medicine and bulletproof vests to the troops. Despite the fact that almost all the money has gone to the Ukrainian Army, donations are not being used for weapons at the moment.

How crypto donations were distributed by the Ukranian Government Image by Alex Bornyakov via twitter

The Ukraine is changing the way history is told. A collection of NFTs shows hour-by-hour how the events of World War II unfolded starting February 24, 2022. The NFTs will be available for sale within the next four days.

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