Tony Hawk And The Sanbox Partner To Create The World’s Biggest Skatepark —In The Metaverse

Despite the decline in cryptocurrency markets, games based upon the metaverse continue receiving attention from those who long to find a place where everyone can have a unique experience that transcends the boundaries of the real world.

Tony Hawk, the skateboarder who is most well-known and recognizable in the world, announced on July 13 that he was partnering with The Sandbox, a blockchain-based virtual world, to create the “largest ever virtual skatepark”. This is the latest Top-tier partnership for The Sanbox.

Hawk claims that Hawk’s metaverse will offer a place for skateboards and accessories to be sold, as well as access to editing tools to make the skatepark of your dreams.

Soon to The Sandbox: Along with @Autograph, we’re creating the largest skatepark in #metaverse. Keep checking back for more updates.

Tony Hawk (@tonyhawk), July 13, 2022

Tony Hawk promises a skatepark worthy of his fame

According to The Sandbox 36 parcels of land will be included in the “Tony Hawk LAND”, which is sufficient to give it the title of the largest ever built skatepark in the metaverse.

Tony Hawk stated in a presentation that the skatepark would be “something never seen before.” This is significant considering his “Tony Hawk Pro Skater”, which has grossed over $1.4 billion and features many skateparks and routes.

“I’ve been a fan all my life of new technology – starting with the first videogames, home computers with CGI capabilities, and onward – so I’m fascinated by the metaverse and excited to bring our culture into The Sandbox.”

Tony Hawk and The Sandbox have not revealed details regarding when this skate metaverse will launch.

utograph Will Design Hawk’s Nfts

Autograph will create NFTs or avatars based upon Tony Hawk, as well as iconic skateboards, gear and clothing such as the one he used to win the 1999 X Games. This was where he landed the legendary 900 (2.5-lap turn), which is considered an “immortal” achievement in the world of skateboarding.

Autograph’s co-founder and CEO, Dillon Rosenblatt, said that the company is excited to collaborate with Tony Hawk and The Sandbox to create new immersive experiences that are impossible to recreate outside of the metaverse.

“At Autograph we strive to create impossible experiences for communities and fans. This activation is a step towards our goal to connect them uniquely and at scale with Tony Hawk and each other […]. We are thrilled that we have the opportunity to work with Tony Hawk and The Sandbox on this activation, and many more.”

Sebastien Borget is the COO and cofounder of The Sandbox. He said that his company shares Hawk’s passion for innovation, creativity, and vision.

Tony Hawk is joining more than 300 other successful brands and artists who are betting on the metaverse’s growth to elevate their iconic brands.

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