TON Names Andrew Rogozov as Founding Member Heading Product Efforts

Andrew Rogozov has been onboarded by the TON Foundation as a founding member. He will be responsible for Product Efforts on the blockchain project, which was launched in 2018 by Telegram’s Durov brothers.

Increased Interaction between Telegram and TON is Possible

A recent press release from the Ton Foundation was shared with CryptoPotato. Rogozov, a leader, will now help TON realize its potential to create an open-source, efficient and widely used blockchain.

Rogozov at TON is in charge of Product Efforts and may be able to speed up the integration of the features and take advantage of Telegram’s more than 500 million users.

Rogozov added that “As we speak multiple products are already shipped that are at TON and Telegram’s intersection: the Tonkeeper wallet and Telegram’s @donate bot in Telegram handling subscriptions for paid channels with Toncoin and the walletbot.”

Rogozov currently holds the role of Vice President Social at VK. Rogozov has been responsible for’s acquisition by in 2014. This was before the conglomerate changed its name to VK.

Andrew Rogozov joined VKontakte in 2007, the largest Russian social media company, widely known as “Russian Facebook”. (later abbreviated to VK). Rogozov started his career as an engineer and rose through the ranks to become CEO of This position he held until 2021,” explained the release.

Rogozov will remain with VK as an advisor, in addition to his founding role at TON.

TON: The Successor to Telegram’s Blockchain Project

Telegram Open Network was the original name of the Open Network. It was a blockchain system that promised speed and scaleability. Telegram pulled out of the project after the SEC raised concerns about the blockchain project, and prohibited it from issuing tokens.

Despite Telegram pulling out of the project, the TON Community decided to fork out the network and create The Open Network (TON). It was one the first blockchain projects to use proof-of-stake for transactions validation.

Rogozov stated that he sees huge opportunities in the intersection of the TON Blockchain, Telegram’s active audience of more than 600 million users and the community made up of world-class developers, who have the potential for creating a large number next-generation global product businesses.

Convergence between Telegram and TON:

Both Telegram and TON have stabilised waters, and the blockchain industry is more resurgent thanks to increasing adoption and engagement by regulators. A convergence of interests could see TON’s integration into the Telegram platform.

The release stated that TON would integrate with Telegram platform APIs and development tools to leverage its user base of more than 500m monthly active users. This will allow them to connect with crypto power users.

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