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In the last few years, cryptocurrency has come a long way. Things have changed from a niche market that only a few people understood to a multi-trillion-dollar industry that attracts investments from prominent institutional investors.

It is undisputed that not all participants have a solid understanding of the blockchain technology, particularly those who joined just recently.

Institutional investors, on the other hand, understand the importance infrastructure and we witnessed a lot of money move that way.

StrongNode is a project that powers infrastructure-as-a-service for the node economy and aims to position itself as the next generation of edge networking backed by blockchain technology.

What is StrongNode?

The team’s base level is to build a range of core computing practices related to edge computing and node architecture.

Edge computing is a distributed information technology architecture that processes client information at the edge of the network. This allows clients to be as close as possible to their source of origin.

According to the whitepaper of the project, they are:

To create an interactive networked model for interaction that uses dormant resources from node partners in order to create an interactive environment with node clients. […] Each blockchain has its own use case and benefits that can be used to create an ecosystem.

As they believe blockchain agnostic is a valuable trait, the team plans to launch the main coin on Polygon.

StrongNode’s primary use cases

This project is intended to facilitate data flow and use all functions available to blockchain dynamics. These include, but are not limited, privacy, immutability and security as well as transparency.

Edge computing offers many benefits, including the ability to increase efficiency by taking underutilized or dormant resources and applying them via a network effect to improve overall efficiency.

The blockchain further enhances this process. It is also fully open-source and can be integrated with existing workflow models. These resources can also be combined to create back node networks that can provide greater scaling for companies in desperate need of bandwidth.

These resources are the trio of CPU and GPU cycles and bandwidth as well as storage that can be accessed from desktops, laptops and smartphones.

StrongNode adds a data storage component to the bandwidth lifecycle that makes data retrieval, processing and processing much easier. Users can now have all-in-one data management solutions.

These industries are the best for the above reasons:

InsuranceCyber SecurityBanking and PaymentsTransport LogisticsCloud StorageHealthcareEnergyRetailSupply Chain Management

Also, anything that requires computing power can be used by StrongNode’s products and services. The company also offers an enterprise package which allows users to save money and time by taking advantage blockchain-powered edge computing.

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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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