Someone Donated $3 Million in BTC to Ukraine’s Charitable Organization in Support of its Military

Elliptic data shows that people have donated more than $400,000 in Bitcoin to Come Back Alive, a non-governmental organization from Ukraine. This charity provides training services, equipment, and medical supplies to the local army.

A mysterious donor also donated 80 BTC today (February 25, 2017) to a charity supporting the Ukrainian Army. The amount is more than $3 million if you take current prices.

Cyber Alliance, a Ukrainian entity, received around $100,000 in Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin and a mixture of stablecoins during the past year.

Bitcoin to Help Ukraine’s Forces

Chief Scientist at Elliptic, Tom Robinson, revealed that digital asset donations to support the Ukrainian military are increasing. The charity foundation, Come Back Alive, received approximately $400,000 in bitcoin within 24 hours.

With almost $400,000 in donations so far, cryptocurrency donations to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces are on the rise. Learn more about the crypto-crowdfunding of the Russo-Ukrainian War, in this recent @elliptic blog:

— Tom Robinson (@tomrobin), February 24, 2022

Contributors made donations to help provide medical supplies, military equipment, and drones for the Ukrainian army. A facial recognition program to detect Russian spying is another target.

Tom Robinson said that cryptocurrency was increasingly being used to crowdfund warfare, with the tacit approval from governments.

It’s worth noting, however, that someone donated more than $3 million in bitcoin earlier today to support the Ukrainian forces.

Cyber Alliance is another organization that has received significant contributions. Cyber Alliance has received around $100K in Bitcoin, Ether and other cryptocurrency donations over the past year. This group is made up of cyber activists from Ukraine who work together to protect cyberspace in Ukraine and counter-attack Russian hackers.

Pro-Russian separatists also have been raising funds through digital assets since the beginning of the conflict. The amount of donations they have received is not known.

In 2021, Bitcoin Donations amounted to $570K

The Ukrainian volunteer groups received over $570,000 worth Bitcoin last year. This is a 900% increase over 2020.

Elliptic earlier this month stated that Bitcoin has become an important alternative funding source, allowing international donors bypass financial institutions that block payments to these groups.

The Russo/Ukrainian conflict is rooted in a long history of relations between the former Soviet states. The 2014 annexation of the Crimean Peninsula by Russia from Ukraine sparked civil war. Tensions rose to a climax when Putin ordered a “special army operation” on the territory of its neighbor, which seemed like the start of a large-scale invasion.

Numerous prominent leaders and individuals voiced their disapproval of Russia’s actions. Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s co-founder, was one of them. He declared his support for Ukraine and called Putin’s operation a “crime to the Ukrainian and Russian people”.

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