Solidus AI Tech: Delivering High-Performance Computing Power

Technology is constantly evolving and the world is becoming increasingly digital. There is a greater need for high computing power (HCP), in areas like automation and artificial intelligence.

HCP resources are available in large part in the US but are not readily available in Europe. Solidus AI Tech aims to address this issue by building data centers in Europe.

What is Solidus AI Tech and how can it help you?

Solidus AI Tech, an AI infrastructure, provides large institutions with affordable computing power via its high-performance computing data centers. Solidus AI Tech is the first company of its type. It has implemented several key blockchain strategies to maximize its efficiency.

Computing power is a critical resource in today’s rapidly changing digital world. Solidus AI Tech seeks to supply sufficient computing power to all institutions. This project aims to lower the cost of computing and to support developers and large institutions in delivering their applications as securely and quickly as possible.

Solidus AI Tech, based in Bucharest is aiming to close the gap between Europe’s limited HPC resources and make it a leading provider of HPC services around the globe. It is working to create a highly innovative Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform where its services can be purchased using the world’s first AI token and its native cryptocurrency, AITECH.

Solidus AI Tech aims to provide the government and megacorps with unmatched computing power through its major HPC data centers that run on 100% renewable energy. It also offers its services to individuals and small-medium enterprises.

Solidus AI Tech passes CertiK Security Audit

Solidus AI Tech is committed to providing users with a secure platform. CertiK, a leading blockchain auditing firm has audited the project.

CertiK’s thorough audit aims to detect vulnerabilities in project source code using static analysis and manual reviews techniques. CertiK carefully analyzed Solidus AI Tech’s entire code base throughout the audit. This was done in strict compliance with high standards.

During the audit, the security company paid particular attention to these features:

Testing the project’s smart contracts against common and rare attack vectors.Ensuring that the contract’s logic matches the design specs and design purpose.Evaluating the codebase to ensure that it complies with best practices and industry standards.Comparing similar smart contract structures established by industry leaders.Comprehensive manual review of the codebase by experts, line-by-line.

CertiK reviewed the audit and identified any vulnerabilities. It also gave recommendations to the Solidus AI Tech Team. The team will soon be moving to the mainnet.

Solidus Token Sales Continue to Move Forward

Solidus AI Tech completed the presale and private sale of its native token AITECH, the first AI cryptocurrency in the world, by Solidus AI Tech.

Despite some marketing difficulties, the project had two rounds of fundraising. The private sale was the first. It raised $4.3 million from the early participants.

Solidus AI Tech raised nearly $6.2 million in funding from investors during its presale.

The project is now open for public sale after the presale was completed. Solidus AI tech has been receiving interest form launchpads, IEO pad and around 20 popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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