SolChick Concludes its IDO with Impressive Numbers

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SolChicks, one of the most anticipated games on the Solana blockchain has set several records today in preparation for its IDO launch on November 26th.

These are some of the major achievements and records that were broken during the week.

SolChicks demo was played by over 50,000 people in its first week

– Ranked #1 in CoinMarketCap, #1 P2E game at Solana P2E and #1 most popular NFT collection on Solanart.

– Stunning social media growth within seven days of game demo release. Twitter followers increased from 26k-15k (+580%), Telegram followers rose from 13k to125k (+960%), Discord followers rose from 66k – 110k (+67%).

– Launching simultaneously at a record number of launchpads (more than 30 participants, including the majority of the major launchpads across all Blockchains).

– Record number private investors with 328, including well-known VCs like Blocore, AirAngels and GoldenTree; major gaming guilds like Yield Guild Games; key opinion leader such as Crypto Banter or CryptoBirb; as well as a number high-profile angels.

– The SolChicks NFT floor price has increased from 1.8 to 17 SOL (+844%). This equates to approximately US$3,500 for NFTs with the lowest prices.

Rare SolChicks NFTs with rare attributes have been sold for up to 160 SOL (US$35,000).

SolChicks is now the fastest-growing P2E game on the market. The alpha will be released in Q1 2022, and the full game will release in Q4 2022. Management Comment

William Wu, CEO and co-founder of SolChicks, said: “Play to Earn is poised to disrupt the traditional gaming industry in ways never before seen.” Our team, supported by strategic investors is aggressive and persistent in establishing our position as the dominant player of the new era in gaming.

Lewis Grafton is the COO at SolChicks. He said: “We are pioneering the convergence of blockchain and traditional gaming. Traditional gaming markets have not yet adopted this model of player-ownership, rewards, and production quality.

Details about Raise

SolChicks has raised more than $20M from over 300 private investors to date. The public round of SolChicks entails a $400M fullydiluted market capitalization for its $CHICKS token.

SolChicks’ Initial DEX Offer (IDO), is currently being held across more than 30 launchpads. The public price for each token is $0.05, which translates into a market capitalization of $500M.

Blocore, AirAngels and GoldenTree have all participated in SolChicks private fundraising.

The SolChicks IDO Launchpads include Lightning Launchpad and Trustpad, NFTPad. Samurai Cyberfi is also involved.

About SolChicks

SolChicks, the largest and fastest-growing P2E within the Solana ecosystem has a team of more than 70 members. This includes a blue-chip development team that previously brought to market titles like MapleStory and PUBG. There is also a business management team made up of individuals from McKinsey & Company and Wharton.

Solchicks aims at providing the next-generation MMORPG / MOBA in the P2E market. More information about SolChicks can be found on their website at and our demo can be played at

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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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