Sneakmart’s MetaKicks Features The World’s First Mystery NFT Sneakers Box Collection

[PRESS RELEASE- Paris, France, 23 January 2022]

Sneakmart’s position in streetwear is solidified by a focus on non-fungible tokens. Metakicks, a limited-edition NFT mystery sneakers box collection adds an additional dimension to Sneakmart’s streetwear business.

Sneakmart is a French startup that focuses on streetwear and has been at the heart of the growing limited-edition sneaker market. Sneaker madness resulted in a 6 billion-dollar secondary market last year. This is because collectors and enthusiasts resell limited-edition pairs. Sneakers can go up to three times or more in value due to supply and demand, scarcity, and availability.

Sneakmart acknowledges that the industry is leading a revolution. Non-fungible tokens (or NFTs) are making inroads in many industries, including streetwear. These tokens have been transformed from digital artwork to collectibles to status symbols that are proudly worn by their owners. Metakicks is a sneaker-madness mingled with NFT technology.

Anthony Debrandt, CEO of Sneakmart and co-founder, explains:

“Sneaker addicts love collecting and wearing a lot of shoes. Everybody loves sneakers, and everyone wears them. Metakicks is a digital sneaker collection that offers unique and exclusive designs.

The next frontier in streetwear is digital sneakers and accessories using NFT technology. The change in the future is evident by Nike’s involvement, through the purchase of RTFKT worth several hundred million dollars. Although Metakicks is a new venture from Sneakmart, it’s a very different one.

Metakicks allows sneakerheads to purchase more mystery boxes with digital sneakers at a lower price. Everybody who buys a mystery box will not know what they’ll get. You can also open the box to show off your new digital pair of kicks, or keep it closed and resell on the secondary market.

These mystery boxes come in 15 different designs, each with 3D animations and 4 levels of rarity (epic/super rare/rare, normal). Each pair will be unique and make the owner stand out in a digital world. Some designs are also available in unique editions such as the soccer pair that was created for Didier Drogba, an ex-international soccer player.

Sneakmart has partnered with brands and celebrities to create 1-of-1 Metakicks. Savoir Faire Paris is the first partner, a French designer of bespoke sneakers. The unique NFT will be given to the first person who picks it up. They will also receive the Metakicks non-fungible token as well as the Jordan 1 off White Coffee Latte specifically designed for this drop.

Metakicks ecosystem is based on physical pairs. A mystery box with NFT can be won by a physical sneaker. There is a 10% chance that you will win one. Models include Jordan 1 High, Nike Dunk Low, Jordan 4, Adidas Yeezy 350. Jordan 1 High Dior and four Jordans in collaboration with Travis Scott.

Sneakmart aims to bridge the gap between digtial and physical sneakers, making collectors and enthusiasts the leaders of tomorrow’s fashion trends. It also opens the door to personalizing virtual avatars in future Web3 and Metaverse environments.

The Sneakmart website will make available 6,250 boxes in the first drop. The Sneakmart team expects a February 2022 drop, with additional price information coming soon via the official channels.

About Sneakmart

Sneakmart is the original community-driven Streetwear App dedicated to streetwear (sneakers and clothing & accessories). The app was initially launched in France on iOS and Android in January 2021. It has since grown to over 130,000 members who speak French. The community is there to help each other in the sneakers/streetwear world, as well as to sell and buy with ease.

The French startup is aiming to be the first streetwear community in the world and allows the trading of physical and digital streetwear via their app (NFT). Soon, it will be available in other countries.

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