Smart Token Labs Supports Carla Chan and La Prairie in First NFT Drop

[PRESS RELEASE] Manly, Australia 17 May 2022

Web3: Art and Beauty Lovers Welcome

La Prairie, the leading luxury skincare brand in the world, has created the first NFT art collection with Carla Chan, a world-renowned digital artist. It is well-known for its innovative and inspiring art.

Carla Chan’s “Space Beyond” includes 365 + 1 editions unique, ever-changing artworks that are generated in real time with weather and demographic data. Each artwork is a day in 31 of the most populous cities around the world.

FRIEZE New York will drop the artwork on May 18, and all proceeds will go to the preservation of glaciers worldwide.

The drop can be accessed at from 11am EDT on May 18.

Smart Token Labs supports Carla Chan, La Prairie and brings the NFT Drop to life for art buyers who aren’t necessarily crypto-native.

Victor Zhang, CEO of Smart Token Labs, stated that the TokenScript framework was used to make it simple for people to buy the NFT without having a digital wallet. This then allows them to unlock unique experiences with La Prairie brands via the NFT.

The payment flow allows the buyer to buy the NFT using a credit card. A magic link attestation will be sent to the buyer to prove ownership. The magic link can be used to mint the NFT at a later date via a digital wallet.

NFT holders will have access to exclusive experiences and custom software via TokenScript Brand Connector, which connects the NFT with a La Prairie brand website.

Carla Chan stated that Space Beyond NFT holders will be able seamlessly interact with La Prairie brands at locations around the globe via experiences such events, product reveals, and in-store viewings. Smart Token Labs has provided world-class technology and support to us in bringing art buyers from all over the globe into our first NFT collection. We are grateful for their help. We couldn’t have been happier with the scope and excitement of this project. “I am looking forward to launching my collection at Frieze New York and Art Basel Hong Kong. It will certainly bring/attract old collectors into web3 without any hassle.”

Smart Token Labs

Smart Token Labs has set a new standard in tokenization. It has been building two core bridges for this future since 2017: AlphaWallet, a superuser agent to smart tokens, and TokenScript the smart token interface for token comosability. TokenScript is a token-centric framework that allows you to build composable smart tokens across all NFTs, PlayFi and DeFi.

Carla Chan

Carla Chan, a media artist based in Berlin from Hong Kong, is Carla Chan. Her approach to media art is similar to the ever-evolving technology. It challenges conventional perceptions of media interfaces and opens up new possibilities for artistic expressions. Chan’s work has been exhibited at many international venues, including the Hong Kong Museum of Art (HK), ZKM (DE), Art Basel (HK), Frieze New York (US), Today Art Museum (CN), among others. At the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards, she was awarded the Toy Berlin Masters Award in DE and Young Artist Award in Media Arts. Her works are held in the Burger Collection (CH/HK), and M+ Museum(HK).

bout La Prairie

La Prairie is a leader in luxury skincare and can be found in over 90 countries. La Prairie is rooted in Switzerland and evokes innovation and performance. It also evokes Swissness, the purity, precision, and excellence that are inherent in the exceptional land where the brand was founded in 1978.

About La Prairie and Art

Since its inception, La Prairie has been deeply connected to the world art world. It finds inspiration from the modern aesthetic codes that drive the House’s creative approach. Paul Niehans, its founder, started La Prairie’s relentless pursuit of timeless beauty. La Prairie maintains its integrity and makes new connections with the world of art to preserve beauty for all time.

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