SEC Releases Report Urging DeFi Operators to Reach Out

Caroline Crenshaw, the SEC Commissioner, has published a Statement on DeFi Regulations, Opportunities, and Risks” on November 9. She advised decentralized finance platforms that they should contact her.

She acknowledged in it that crypto is now part and parcel of the news, entertainment, as well as investment portfolios.

The report stated that many DeFi products are very similar to those found in traditional financial markets in an attempt to clarify the regulatory status. The SEC teamed up with AnChain.AI, a blockchain analytics firm, to monitor the DeFi market.

DeFi Rewards and Risk

Crenshaw stated that while there are numerous warnings about DeFi’s risks, the structure of DeFi is limited by its unregulated nature.

“DeFi participants’ current approach of “buyer beware”, is not a good foundation for reimagining financial markets.

She said that although the SEC is among many departments with jurisdiction over DeFi, particularly securities, no DeFi platform has yet registered with the regulator. Participants are not protected by traditional finance law.

Crenshaw advised DeFi operators that they should reach out to the Commission’s FinHub for expert advice about where they stand in relation to regulations. He added, “It is my understanding, FinHub has never refused to meet with me, and their engagement seems meaningful.”

She said enforcement was not the best path. This is referring to August’s cease and desist order by the SEC on Blockchain Credit Partners. Although the regulator preferred that more projects comply with regulations, it was not clear what they would need to do.

Crenshaw noted that there are two main structural obstacles: lack of transparency, pseudonymity and lack thereof. Crenshaw described the first as creating a market with professional investors and insiders that “reaps outsized returns.” Retail investors, however, take greater risks and have lower pricing and are “less likely” to succeed over time.

This is true for a variety of projects that have received major VC investments. These whales now manage the tokens and oversee the projects.

There is still a lot to do

The overall sentiment was positive, as the SEC expressed willingness to work with the emerging DeFi industry to ensure its maturity. There is still much to be done, however, as the actual regulatory requirements remain unclear and unclear.

Crenshaw concluded that DeFi experts had been involved in discussions and that the agency was still open to further discussion. However, Crenshaw did not promise a quick or easy process.

According to Dappradar, the total DeFi value was $178 billion at the time of writing.

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