Scientists Finish Sequencing the Human Genome: Here’s How Blockchain Can Fit (Op-Ed)

In 1990, the Human Genome Project was initiated. The project was completed in 2003 with 92% of genome sequenced. Tech advances have completed the remaining 8%. NFTs, a blockchain tech that uses the information from this amazing project to create new biotech products for humanity, can also use it as a tool.

Science published the results of human DNA research on Thursday. The Telomere-to-Telomere Consortium (UC Santa Cruz) is an open, community-based effort that has nearly 100 scientists. It announced that it is ready for the public to see the entire human genome.

The connection between medial researchers, blockchain, and DNA

Scientists from the NFT industry and wider cryptocurrency community are familiar with the ethos of this open, peer-reviewed, project-focused, humanitarian group. It is a community that shares their motivations and collaborates in a way that is both transparent and respectful.

In 2003, researchers ran into a roadblock when they were unable to sequence euchromatic DNA. This is a light-packed and in constant transcription. It was therefore easier to sequence the newer methods.

The remaining 8% are heterochromatic, densely packed and more difficult to transcribe. It is a crypto proof of work hashing issue with a higher difficulty calibration when there is more hash power across the entire Dogecoin network.

Scientists now have the ability to read heterochromatic DNA and it is crucial for human evolution and health. CNN’s Tasnim Ahmad reported that Evan Eichler (the T2T project leader) said Thursday:

These genes are crucial for adaptation, it turns out. They have immune response genes which help us adapt to and survive viruses, plagues, and other infections. They have genes that can predict drug responses and are “very important”.

Blockchain technology, such as smart contracts and non-fungible tokens(NFTs), can be used to power the next wave in biotech innovation. It will allow for real solutions to human health and prolong human life.

Biotech Medicine Firms, Blockchain and NFTs

The powerful tools and capabilities of the cryptocurrency industry are rapidly growing. They can help researchers get more genomic data to their fingertips while also protecting genomic data privacy. These include storing, tracking and protecting information for clinical trials; as well as fast-track development and testing of crucial tools and therapies through financial incentives to networks that lend their computational power to research.

Alfred C. Chin, Blockchain for Science’s Director of Research, believes that blockchain can be used to do more for medicine and biotech. Blockchain can be used to track cancer cell lineage and mutations thanks to its efficient and rigorous record-keeping system.

“A cryptographic hash function is capable of mapping a single-cell-omics signature to a dimension reduced fingerprint of cancer. This processing is possible due to the significant progress in computational methods for multimodal integrated single-cell omics data.

Blockchain’s potential use in biotech medicine is more than a theoretical possibility for the 2020s. Patrick Yopp, Corzant Technologies’ founder and CEO, wrote last year a profile about InvicTech, LLC, Louisville, Kentucky, which is a leader in biomanufacturing. He explained how InvicTech, LLC uses blockchain technology to simplify, scale, and secure lab operations. It was able to convert its state-of the-art, downloadable microfluidic chip into NFTs.

Rakesh Joshi, Technology Networks’ Technical Director for the healthcare, said that the speed of cryptocurrency’s development doesn’t mean that technology is preventing the deployment of peer-to-peer medical databases. He refers to a report from innovation consulting firm PreScouter that was authored by Dr. Charles Wright, the Technical Director for healthcare and life sciences.

“The consensus opinion is that the greatest obstacle to blockchain deployment is changing the mindset of political, private and public leaders in order to adopt blockchain technology.

If this is true, it doesn’t mean technology is the problem. It’s the knowledge, understanding and belief of leaders who are interested in unlocking the secrets of nature for human health.

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