Sandbox (SAND) Surged 10% as Elvis Enters the Metaverse

On May 26, the popular Metaverse platform Sandbox announced that it had partnered with Elvis On-Chain to bring the King Of Rock and Roll to the virtual world.

Elvis Presley Enterprises and Run it Wild Web3 studio are part of the partnership. The project was started earlier this year. Decentraland, Dappraft and Metakey are also partners in the Sandbox. Voxel architects is another partner.

1,935 Elvis Genesis Key NFTs (for Elvis Presley) will be issued to celebrate Elvis’s birthday. They will serve as an all-access pass for the Elvis-On-Chain Metaverse, which will open on June 1.

Ladies and gentlemen…@elvispresley has left the building and entered #TheSandbox!

— The Sandbox (@TheSandboxGame), May 25, 2022

All Shaked Up

With Voxel Architects partners, The Sandbox is creating Elvis avatars. These avatars will be used in the new Elvis World, which is a place for Elvis fans from all over the world. The new realm allows users to become “The King” in a variety of formats. They can also interact with other users and trade digital memorabilia.

According to NFT Culture Director Adam De Cata, Run It Wild director said:

“These amazing partners, all leaders within the craft, help build a unique meeting place for Elvis lovers. The Elvis metaverse will feature a variety of ground-breaking experiences, including generative collections, rare concerts, fan experiences, real events, and a showcase of other fans’ experiences.

Sebastien Borget is the COO and cofounder of The Sandbox. He added that “we want to empower his followers to express themselves, become their own Elvis, creating an excitement way to experience his likeness over generations and keeping him forever in limelight thanks to tech.”

After the genesis NFT mint, an Elvis Block Party will take place on Decentraland. The Guinness World Record for most Elvis impersonators at one location in the Metaverse will be attempted.

Participants will have the opportunity to wear Elvis wearables including his jumpsuit, and styled hair wig. The report also stated that holders of Elvis Genesis Key NFTs (the elusive Elvis Genesis Key NFTs) will receive officially licensed Elvis Decentraland wearables.

More details will be announced by The Sandbox at 19.00 UTC on May 26, at a Twitter Spaces Event.

SAND Surges 10%

Over the past 12 hours, the native token for Metaverse’s project jumped almost 20% but then retraced slightly. SAND hit an intraday high at $1.52, before retracing to $1.40 at the writing time.

The Metaverse token has seen a 23% increase in value over the last week. This is in contrast to other crypto assets. The momentum was further boosted by the acquisition of Uruguayan tech company Cualit. According to CoinGecko, SAND trades at 83% below its November high of $8.48.

Decentraland’s MANA token was also boosted by 9% in the last 12 hours to $1.11, before a slight pullback. MANA has also fallen by a similar amount to its peak price.

Featured Image Courtesy Sada El Balad

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