Retail Mexican Giant Elektra and Video Game Developer Nexon Now Accept Bitcoin

Elektra, Mexico’s largest supermarket chain, allowed customers to pay their bills using bitcoin instead of fiat currencies. BitPay was the partner of the company to process cryptocurrency payments.

Nexon, a South Korean-Japanese publisher of video games, allowed players to buy in-game items using digital assets.

Elektra Joins the Crypto Club

The Mexican behemoth was the first to accept bitcoin payments. Customers who pay in bitcoin could get a 20% discount on their monthly bills, the company said. This promotion is valid through December 31st.

Although cryptocurrencies have many benefits, they are known for being volatile. The retail chain stated that any cancellation or return after receiving a BTC payment will be refunded in Mexican pesos equal to the amount that was originally paid.

Elektra cautioned about the dangers associated with dealing digital assets. Elektra stated that it shouldn’t be held responsible for losses, frauds, or mismanagements.

“The user acknowledges and accepts that access to, use, security, and confidentiality of his wallet are solely the responsibility of him. Elektra will not at any time be responsible for access, use and security of the wallet.”

Elektra was founded in 1950 and has over 1,100 locations throughout Mexico. It is also available in the United States, Guatemala and Honduras, Peru as well as Panama, Panama, El Salvador, and Honduras. Ricardo Salinas Pliego, a bitcoin bull, is Elektra’s owner. He has shown his support for the digital asset sector many times.

He advised investors to join the BTC ecosystem as soon possible, just a few weeks back. Salinas Pliego is Mexico’s third richest man. He described the primary cryptocurrency “the new digital gold.”

Nexon follows suit

Nexon is another major company that has partnered with BitPay in order to accept digital assets for payment. Players will be able to purchase their favorite games, such as MapleStory and KartRider.

These include Ether and Dogecoin as well as Bitcoin Cash, Wrapped Bitcoin Cash, Wrapped Bitcoin Cash, Binance Coin Litecoin and Dai.

According to the video game publisher, the main reason for the initiative was the increasing interest in the games. This has been demonstrated by players recently.

“Nexon is attentive to player feedback, including those who requested that cryptocurrencies be included in-game payments. We are happy to offer this new payment option for our players immediately.

The South Korean-Japanese colossus is no stranger to the cryptocurrency market. It purchased 1,717 Bitcoins for an estimated $100 million in April 2018.

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