RadioShack Announces a New DeFi And NFT Collection

Radioshack, the iconic seller of electronic components, specialized hardware and other accessories, celebrated its 100th birthday this year. What better way to honor its longevity than to shift its business line to embrace cryptocurrency with the launch of a DeFi protocol, an NFT collection, and to celebrate?

The company updated its Bio and website in a bold move that left many Crypto Twitter users confused.

RadioShack: We’re going to bridge DeFi’s gap with our 75-year-old customers – the mainstream me: RadioShack, how are you going to do this? RadioShack: We’re going to do a swap with Atlas USV RadioShack customers. A where-who-what-now?


(@bestfoodalex December 18, 2021

RadioShack wants to revolutionize the crypto space

RadioShack’s new Twitter bio reveals a clear message. Although no official announcement was made, RadioShack wants to enter the decentralized financial industry.

RadioShack, a hundred-year-old corporation, has a new Twitter bio that says it wants crypto to be available to consumers. RadioShack’s new mission states “to be first protocol to bridge gap in mainstream DeFi usage.”

RadioShack Defi is the official RadioShack website. The DeFi service will begin with a Swap powered by the Atlas USV token, an acronym for Universal Store of Value. It is intended to inflow third-party tokens into the DEX, and then exchange them for USV Tokens at a discounted price.

Image of the Partnership between RadioShack & Atlas USV

The relationship is initially a win-win because liquidity providers can get new tokens they can trade for profit. RadioShack, on the other hand, receives third-party tokens in order to increase its treasury.

RadioShack explained that the Atlas USV protocol was a long-term holder and not a reward-oriented short-term provider. This gives its platform an advantage because it can secure long-term liquidity.

Users can guarantee that the team will not sell tokens to fund itself. Radioshack also assures that, once the liquidity pool exceeds that of other exchanges in any token pair that we have, our swap efficiency for that pair will be unbeatable.”

NFTs are also on the radar

RadioShack also promotes a selection of NFTs.

RadioShack’s website states that the team partnered up with Modell’s Sporting Goods and The Franklin Mint to launch the tokens. They are now available to purchase on the NFT Opensea Marketplace.

There are 74 pieces in the collection, including Alex Mehr’s drawings as CEO.

RadioShack will be able to succeed with this new venture. Will it be the next Kodak or worse, another “Long Island Blockchain Tea?”? It is not clear, but it is the crypto sphere. Risk-loving traders will at least have a new token to exchange along the way.

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Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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