Portal and Ankr Announce Strategic Partnership to Boost DeFi Adoption

[PRESS RELEASE: San Francisco, United States of America, 2nd November 2021]

Portal is a cross-chain DEX that allows for fast, private and secure atomic swaps between Bitcoin, other digital assets, and it’s thrilled to announce a strategic partnership agreement with Ankr, the blockchain infrastructure platform.

Portal and Ankr both believe in connecting users, developers and enterprises to a self – sovereign and censorship-resistant trade and communication. It was only natural that they would join forces as they both have been leading the way for the open financial Internet of the future.

Chandler Song, Ankr’s CEO (and co-founder of Bounce Token), personally invested in Portal. He is joined by his COO Ryan Fang, Gaurav Budhrani (ex-head of Crypto Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs), and others. This partnership and investment comes after Portal’s recent $8.5M raise from Coinbase Ventures. ArringtonXRP Capital, OKEx and others.

Ankr will run a facilitation network to ensure that there is ongoing liquidity for atomic swaps between ANKR assets and those on Portal DEX. Portal will make ANKR token available on Portal.

Portal’s Layer 2 & Layer 3 technology makes it easy to build censorship-resistant communications and media. It also allows for one-click execution cross-chain swaps using the Bitcoin blockchain. Portal allows for the private execution of smart contracts off-chain to facilitate asset issuance, swaps and staking, liquidity, derivatives and more. This is all done peer-to-peer without any third-party custody.

Song, CEO stated that Portal brings the much-anticipated capability of DeFi to the Bitcoin blockchain. Ankr is excited to work with Portal to further our shared mission of promoting Web 3.0 technology applications.

Ankr’s platform integrates node infrastructure, DeFi, and staking to make it easy for participants to create new projects and monetize crypto assets. Developers can create Web3 products using more than a dozen Blockchains and Layer 2 Protocols with one click.


Portal is a DeFi built on Bitcoin. Trade is made possible by anonymous, zero-knowledge swaps using the first cross-chain DEX that’s trust minimal. It eliminates the need to mint wrapped coins (e.g wBTC, or wETH), and it also avoids risky staking with intermediaries. Portal makes DeFi a service anyone can offer, maintaining anonymity in open markets and transparent markets. It also has a security model that is as strong as Bitcoin mining.

Portal’s Layer 2 & Layer 3 technology allows for censorship-resistant communications and media, as well as one-click cross-chain Swaps.


Ankr offers Web3 infrastructure to enable easy, affordable and affordable deployments of blockchain nodes, APIs, decentralized stake infrastructure, Layer 2 scaling solutions and API’s. This infrastructure is designed to lower barriers for developers, everyday citizens, and enterprises to participate in blockchain ecosystems.

Ankr provides node solutions for more than 40 chains, as well as an API service that is “1-click” for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chains, Polygon and Avalanche.

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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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