Paul Pierce, Phil Ivey, Mr.Beast and Joe Lubin Tonight In Virtue Poker’s Celebrity Charity Poker Tournament

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Virtue Poker is proud to host The Celebrity Charity Poker Tournament, which will begin tonight at 11:45 UTC.

The tournament will be streamed live on YouTube

Tonight’s event will include the first of two tables for Celebrity Charity Poker, which is open to 6 players.

Tonight’s table will feature Pro Phil Ivey (Hall of Famer, Virtue Poker Team), Paul Pierce (BA Hall of Famer), and YouTube sensation, Mr. Beast, Ethernity’s Nick Rose and Sam Trabucco – CEO of Alameda, (FTX) and Joe Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum

Participants will be competing for bragging rights as well as a $100,000 charity prize pool. Twelve players are spread across seven different time zones and continents. The Celebrity Charity Poker tournament will be held over several days in order to ensure everyone has a chance of winning.

Tournament structure

Each table will have six players, and each player will play until there is one winner. Both tables will be contested for the Virtue Poker Championship Title. The $100,000 charity prize pool will also be won by the winners.

To receive $2,500, all players must choose the charity they wish to support. The winners of each table will be able to add $10,000 to their charity. The Overall Champion will receive $50,000.

Virtue Poker enlisted the assistance of Norman Chad and Lon McEachern to color comment at this event’s featured tables.

You can break down the Celebrity Charity Poker Tournament as follows:

Table 1: 9/26 11:59 UTC

Table 2: 9/28 3:00 UTC

Final Table: Date TBA

Giving Block: Viewers

The Virtue Poker Celebrity Poker Tournament viewers are encouraged by The Giving Block to make donations to charities. This provider supports many nonprofit organizations worldwide and supports various cryptocurrencies. Those who donate to The Giving Block will be entered into a drawing for 2 ETH. Users who complete the task will be eligible to win multiple 1ETH prizes

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Virtue Poker has created a collection 11.801 non-fungible tokens with Binance NFTs. Each NFT represents a card from a 52-card deck. Split $2,500 for players who form hands and have the winning hand in each knockout round. Holders of the winning hand in the championship knockout round will be entered into a draw to win $25,000. Binance NFTs sells these NFTs.

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Virtue Poker is an open-source decentralized poker platform. It uses the Ethereum blockchain as well as peer-to-peer network to offer a safe, fair and fun online poker experience. It was established in 2016 by Consensys, a leading full-stack Ethereum software engineering company and incubator that Joe Lubin founded in 2014. Virtue Poker, which is backed by Consensys as well as stakeholder Phil Ivey in 2014, has a mission of making blockchain-based betting more mainstream. Learn more:

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