OneStake – A New Way to Maximize the APR in the DeFi Yield Market

[PRESS RELEASE – Tallinn, Estonia, 29th April 2022]

OneStake Finance is a DeFi yield aggregator. It claims to have the highest possible APR on single staking. This project is designed to offer solutions to both casual and professional DeFi users, as well as exposure to the entire yield market. Its website states that “OneStake” is the 1inch in yield protocol research.


OneStake employs governance mechanics and TVL as-a-Service in order to offer users optimal yield opportunities. Before whitelisting assets and protocols that interact with OneStake, the protocol’s DAO analyses them all and groups them into one pool. It creates a pool for Bitcoin and Ether, as well as a final pool that includes stablecoins.

Each pool supports whitelisted tokens that meet the criteria of the group. The protocol allows users to add funds to any asset in the pool. Once the protocol has created the coin swaps, it will automatically apply the current strategy.

OneStake analyses the TVL and APR for every asset of each whitelisted protocol every four hours. The next step is to calculate the allocation of funds in order to achieve the maximum APR. This simulates the results based on additional investments in provider pool. It calculates the rebalancing cost once it has found optimal distribution. If these costs exceed the critical value the protocol will perform new calculations until it finds a better distribution. Once this happens, the protocol will start rebalancing. It also collects stake rewards every 2 hours, unless it sells them or reinvests them into the pools.

iUSD – Reserved By Profit

OneStake uses iUSD to give users the best possible yield. The protocol creates iUSD tokens every time users deposit money. It then burns them when there is a withdrawal. iUSD tokens are pegged at a 1:1 ratio with the deposited asset. Users can store, transfer, trade, or trade them.

You can stake your assets on smart-strategy protocol such as Convex or Yesper and receive iUSD tokens right away in your wallet. They have the ability to access the highest APR possible at any time, thanks to the protocol’s automatic rebalancing mechanism. The iUSD is very similar to Aave’s aToken. It aims to offer high APRs on the DeFi market. The OneStake mechanics could solve problems resulting from high gas prices.

Yield Aggregator

OneStake’s blackpaper outlines two goals. It aims to assist expert traders in achieving the highest DeFi yield market results. It also aims to make the process easier for casual or new users. It does this by consolidating other protocols into pools and then distributing OneStake’s TVL among them.

In terms of revenue, the protocol charges a 20% Performance fee and a 2% streaming fee. They are used for buybacks and distribution in the event of inefficiency. The strategy developer receives half of the fees.

OneStake users have access to the many benefits of iUSD tokens such as unlocking liquidity for staked assets. They can also use iUSD to secure loans and leverage positions. They only need to have iUSD in their pockets to be able to access the entire DeFi yield market at the highest possible APR.

About OneStake

OneStake Finance, a DeFi yield aggregator, aims to bring together all the most important yield protocols on one platform. The project has been officially listed in Estonia and the team has passed Solidproof’s KYC process. Although the project is still in early stages of development, it is moving quickly thanks to a professional and highly-skilled team.

OneStake is able to establish itself in the yield market by working with industry blockchains such as Compound, Curve and Yearn. The team is currently looking for experienced VCs in order to give OneStake a competitive edge in the market.

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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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