NVIDIA Strikes Deals With Metaverse Marketplaces. Distributes Free Copies of its Omniverse Software

NVIDIA, the global manufacturer and distributor of integrated circuit technologies and graphics processing units for personal computers and workstations, is looking to expand its efforts in developing more products for the metaverse.

The metaverse describes the next generation in internet content. Users will be able interact with objects and other people in virtual worlds in a richer, deeper, multisensorial way. This technology includes Augmented Reality and Non Fungible Tokens, Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrencies. Procedural Image Generation is just one example.

For free, build the Metaverse

According to Reuters, NVIDIA does not plan on creating a metaverse or developing metaverse-focused objects. It has instead launched a program that supports artists and content creators who are focused on creating virtual worlds and products that enhance the user’s experience in this metaverse.

NVIDIA has announced that it will give away free copies of its “Omniverse software” to an unknown number of artists. Corporate clients pay $9,000 annually for an annual license to this program.

NVIDIA’s Omniverse software is a new tool for creating virtual worlds. It allows users to create worlds or assets that can be used in third-party marketplaces.

The company also announced partnerships with several marketplaces that are geared towards sharing metaverse-related content. NVIDIA didn’t provide any information on the content of the agreements but they did disclose that the first deals were between Shutterstock’s TurboSquid and Sketchfab, CGTrader and Twinburu.

ActorCore and Daz3D will soon launch Omniverse-ready assets collections.

NVIDIA and The Blockchain Industry

NVIDIA has now taken this step to consolidate its position in the emerging metaverse industry.

Analysts believe that the metaverse will become a major industry over the medium term and even integrate itself into mainstream gaming. Aaron Rakers, a Wells Fargo analyst, says that the market for product development tools in the metaverse could grow to $10 billion within five years.

NVIDIA’s partnership with the blockchain ecosystem has proven to be very profitable for the company. The company’s stock grew 187% over the past year due to an increase in sales of its graphics processing units — something that was primarily driven by demand from miners for proof-of-work cryptocurrency like Ethereum.

Nvidia stock prices Image: Tradingview

NVIDIA’s hardware research is not the only thing that NVIDIA has done. Its graphics processing research is remarkable, and it could be a huge help in the development of better products in the metaverse. This is especially true with artificial intelligence processes for landscape and face rendering.

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