North Korea Leads the World in Crypto Crime (Report)

Coincub estimates that the country has more than 15 cases of crypto crime. The proceeds are conservatively valued at $1.59 million. The United States, Russia, China and the UK are the other four top countries that closely follow the hermit kingdom.

North Korea Reigns Supreme

Coincub said that the DPRK’s cyber program was large and well-organized, even though it is not known how much North Korea contributes to crypto crime rates worldwide.

The country’s majority suffers from food insecurity, undernutrition, and a lack of basic services. They don’t have internet access. The country is a hacking power.

North Korea is economically isolated from the rest. This has allowed it to create a new breed of hackers who have been responsible for some of the most devastating breaches. A series of lucrative cyberattacks have enabled skilled North Korean hackers to steal funds from the country’s weapon programs and use them as crypto criminals.

According to the report, all attacks from DPRK may be state-sponsored as internet access is only controlled by Pyongyang. Cyber-armies from the country have attacked governments and private organisations around the globe, with the proceeds going to the national defense budget.

In 2020-2021, the crypto industry experienced a major shift. A UN report stated that North Korean hackers had stolen data from crypto platforms and launched seven more attacks to finance their nuclear program. Because cryptocurrency is a major source of income from the internet, and all transactions are subject to international sanctions, they are fraudulent.

The most targeted South Korean exchanges are still the DPRK’s hackers. DPRK hackers attacked Bithumb four times. The hackers took $60 million in total.

Lazarus Group, a state-backed hacker group, was responsible for some of the most significant exploits in recent decades. This included the Sony attack in 2014. Another attack by the group, WannaCry was another. This ransomware cyberattack on institutions around the globe in 2017 was the result of this group’s stunt.

The attack took place over seven hours and affected around 200,000 computers across 150 countries. Russia, India and Ukraine were the main targets. The group also stole more than $620million from Axie Infinity’s Ronin bridge in the latter part of this year.

DPRK’s cyber operation, with 7,000 employees operating in over 150 countries, is believed to have carried out many heists that weren’t proven. DPRK’s hackers are now targeting DeFi as a result of the rapid change in crypto space.

Crypto Winter and North Korea’s Stolen Crypto Stash

Although one of the most authoritarian and brutal regimes in the world may have been involved in crypto crime, the recent market downturn has revealed its corrupted stash of tokens and coins.

According to CryptoPotato, North Korean hackers have also been affected by the market-wide crash. The continued decline in crypto markets could have made it more difficult for North Korea to hack into the sector and carry out more heists.

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