Nodle Grants Berty Foundation $1M in Nodle Cash to Advance its Privacy Communication Protocol

[PRESS RELEASE – San Francisco, California, 13th October 2021]

Nodle, a San Francisco-based wireless network, grants Berty Foundation $1 million in Nodle cash to help develop its peer-to-peer messaging Bluetooth capabilities. This grant will be used to develop and advance Berty’s platform, which enhances users privacy while they chat and send messages across its network.

Berty was launched in 2018 and offers privacy-first solutions for the messaging industry. Berty’s website states that it provides users with a privacy by default platform, which ensures all users remain secure and private. Berty Technologies created the platform “using the best encryption protocol possible,” according to the website.

Micha Benoliel (CEO and Co-Founder at Nodle) spoke about the grant and said that she was thrilled to support the Berty Foundation in its privacy-first communication protocol. Privacy is at the heart and soul of Web 3.0 revolution, and Nodle’s core values.

The startup in France does not store users’ data on any central server, but instead uses a decentralized platform to store them. Data encryption is also used. Berty collects only the necessary metadata. They aim to create a messaging platform that guarantees anonymity, confidentiality, and security for all users. This platform is intended for privacy-focused users, users of messaging apps and social networks, as well as general users who want to protect their data from any third party.

The latest grant from Berty Foundation will allow the foundation to expand its development of messages’ privacy, anonymity, and a team statement reads:

Berty is grateful to Nodle and his trust for this donation. This will enable us to accelerate the development of our decentralized secure messaging protocol, and allow us to communicate without an Internet connection. It will also help us secure our future.”

Nodle’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), network that connects millions of Internet of Things, (IoT), has granted a grant to Berty. This will allow Berty to develop his privacy communication protocol. Nodle selected the platform because it is one the most advanced efforts in the field decentralized communications. It also reinforces the privacy values Nodle supports in privacy and security. According to the statement, both companies plan to use each other’s technology or ecosystem in future.

Nodle, a citizen-powered wireless network that is decentralized and citizen-powered, allows anyone to join it and earn Nodle cash crypto through its Nodle App. Installing the Nodle networking library allows developers and publishers to monetize mobile apps. The Nodle network uses the Bluetooth Low Energy standard so any existing BLE sensor or device can easily use the network.

Berty Technologies has received a grant to fund its latest project. It aims to realize its vision of creating secure communication tools, fighting censorship, and allowing people to connect around the world.

The Citizen Network


Nodle is creating the world’s largest decentralized wireless network to connect objects and sensors in a secure, low cost, and environmentally-friendly way. Millions of Bluetooth-enabled smartphone owners power the Nodle Network. They earn Nodle cash for connecting nearby Bluetooth-enabled IoT devices or sensors. Publishers and app developers have the option to monetize their apps via the Nodle networking libraries which allows them to generate Nodle cash to help the network grow. Nodle’s privacy-first IoT stack is powerful and can be used for many purposes, including tracking valuable or lost items, connecting to and protecting physical assets, as well as capturing sensor data and security certificates. It also provides decision-making insight for smart cities, companies, and the financial industry. Nodle Cash is available for iOS and Android.

Berty Technologies

Berty Technologies is an organization that is French and not-for-profit. Berty Technologies was established in Paris (FR) in May 2018. It currently has 12 employees, half of which are developers. Berty Technologies’ vision was to create secure communication tools, and fight censorship to allow people to connect all around the world.

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