Midas Investments: CeDeFi Strategies for Premium Yields

Investors are constantly looking for DeFi products that offer higher yields than traditional financial (TradFi), products. DeFi can offer investors premium yields but there are still risks that make many investors hesitant about investing in the DeFi market.

CeDeFi’s introduction is changing this narrative. CeDeFi, a hybrid investment model, aims to bridge between the decentralized and centralized finance systems. This model offers investors the best of both the centralized and decentralized finance ecosystems. Midas.Investments brings this unique approach to the masses.

What are Midas.Investments and how do they work?

Midas.Investments, a custodial cryptocurrency investment platform, offers investors premium yields on crypto assets. It is also supported by hedged DeFi strategy. Midas.Investments’ platform is user-friendly and has built-in strategies and tools. Automated strategies don’t require investors to be familiar with the volatility of the DeFi market. This platform is a yield-aggregator and aims to maximize investors’ returns by using multiple strategies across DeFi.

Midas, a CeDeFi platform combines the mechanisms and DeFi strategies of central finance to provide hybrid yield strategies for investors. Midas’ team includes over 40 experts, including an experienced DeFi analyst who was the CEO of a large tech company with over a decade of experience. Midas’ team combines market knowledge with tools based upon algorithmic infrastructure, 24/7 portfolio management and market experience to provide innovative products for its investors. This will allow Midas the opportunity to expand into a leading CeDeFi platform.

Midas.Investments – Yield Strategies

Midas.Investments is a digital strategy company whose core purpose is to provide consistent passive income to investors through hedged yield streams.

Fixed Yield Strategies

This is Midas’ legacy investment strategy. This strategy offers investors competitive yields on individual staked cryptocurrency assets. Midas allows investors to choose from a variety of crypto assets.

The annual percentage yield (APY), on staked Bitcoin, ranges between 9.4% and 12.1%. This is one of the highest among custodial staking platforms. The APY for staked Ethereum is 10.6% to 12.8%. Fiat-backed stablecoins such as USDC, BUSD and USDT have APYs of 14.5% to 17.6%.

Midas generates premium returns in the DeFi market by using different models of volatility prediction and correlation, strategies, hedging and collateral asset models. These strategies are used to deploy investors’ assets:

Concentrated liquidity provider for Uniswap V3Yield vaultsBorrowing collateral for the target asset to receive liquidity

Yield Automated Portfolio

Midas’ second most popular strategy is the Yield Automated portfolio (YAP). Midas’ two YAPs are based on a collection crypto assets that have been grouped according to their type and performance. This is similar to ETFs.

YAPs are a portfolio of digital assets that diversify risk. They allow investors to have exposure to a variety of assets without having to purchase individual assets. YAPs are subject to monthly rebalancing in order to maximize returns. Midas can leverage market swings through this rebalancing. Midas can take profits from higher-performing assets and reinvest in the lower performing assets. This is meant to sustain long-term portfolio growth.

Midas.Investments gives investors access to two types of YAPs: DeFi and Stable. The DeFi YAP consists tokens from eight DeFi protocol protocols.

Complex DeFi Strategies

MIdas’ third investment strategy, which is still in development, will offer investors medium-to high risk options to diversify their portfolios.

Midas.Investments – Security and Hedge Methods

Midas’ investment strategies can be supported by a wide network of backend processes that are designed to protect and hedge investors’ exposure to significant yield opportunities in volatile crypto markets. Midas employs a variety of yield generation methods, including loans, liquidity, loans, multiprotocol strategies and algorithmic tools to hedge against potential losses.

Midas’ digital ecosystem protects investors from the extreme risks of the DeFi market. It integrates with Fireblocks, a highly-secured crypto custody transfer platform. 95% investor deposits are connected to Fireblocks. Fireblocks provides digital security that is commercial-grade for stored custody assets. It also automates many processes such as the YAP monthly rebalancing.


Midas’ platform is dependent on MIDAS tokens. This token is designed to offer investors utility by providing additional yield (or “boosted”) on their investments. Investors can increase the APY of any asset by choosing to receive payouts as MIDAS tokens. Investors can turn this feature on or off at their discretion. MIDAS tokens can be swapped at anytime (no holding periods).

MIDAS is subject to weekly buybacks by the management team. Some of these may be used to provide liquidity to existing or new liquidity pools. This will strengthen markets and allow for new opportunities on new platforms. MIDAS can also be used to open liquidity for new farming options or stake options, which raises awareness of Midas.

Midas has repurchased over 64k MIDAS on the open market. Nearly $5 million of MIDAS is held as liquidity on decentralized markets. The MIDAS token is based on the Fantom network, which has a total supply 5 million. Currently, there are 2.8 million.

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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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