McDonald’s Dives in the Metaverse to Celebrate The Chinese New Year

American fast-food chain, McDonald’s, partnered with Humberto León – co-founder of fashion brand Opening Ceremony – to create a Zodiac collection in Metaverse. The initiative will celebrate the Lunar New Year, China’s most important festival, which runs from February 1 through February 15.

McDonald’s joins the Metaverse

The US fast-food chain has launched a new initiative that allows fans to celebrate the Year of the Tiger (Metaverse) The “unique collection of zodiac animals designs” by Humberto Leon is available to them. Customers can also get horoscope readings which give them insight into the year ahead based on their birthday.

Leon, a Chinese-Peruvian American, has a creative vision that is heavily influenced by his cross-cultural identity. McDonald’s is a company that he described as “always been committed to celebrating and embracing the universality of all culture.”

He said, “Kicking off Lunar New Year at McDonald’s in a manner that highlights the creativity and innovation within the Asian American community makes it proud to offer a true representation of my identity as well as the influences that have shaped them, to which many will relate.”

Elizabeth Campbell, McDonald’s Senior Director of Cultural Engagement, stated that it was the right moment for her company to enter the Metaverse as the Year of the Tiger represents “bravery and strength” and “confidence.”

She said, “We are honored to celebrate the Lunar New Year through his artistic expressions and hope that our fans will enjoy it very cool and celebratory.”

Leon and the fast-food chain will then produce a TV commercial that shows Leon’s reflections about the Lunar New Year.

This festival is also known as the Chinese New Year. It is the most important holiday in China. The celebrations mark the beginning of the new Moon cycle and can last up to 15 days.

McDonald’s would accept Musk’s challenge?

This American company is known for being the largest fast-food chain in the world. It has also been a prominent name in crypto meme culture. Many community members use the logo of the company to put it on people who may lose their funds in the event of a crash in the digital asset market. McDonald’s believes that anyone who is willing to take a step back would be hired by McDonald’s.

The relationship between the chain’s crypto space and Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, reached a new level last week when Musk promised to eat a “happy dinner” on television if Tesla accepted Dogecoin (DOGE), as a payment method.

McDonald’s responded ironically to the entrepreneur by saying that Tesla must embrace “grimacecoin”, a name that is based on the character “grimace” that was prominent in many McDonald’s commercials.

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