Ledger-Shopify Data Breach Saga Not Over Yet, Another Class Action Lawsuit Filed

A group of Ledger users have filed a class action lawsuit against Global ecommerce platform Shopify, TaskUs, the third-party data consultant TaskUs, and the hardware wallet maker.

Not another Lawsuit

According to the official document Shopify and TaskUs were accused by the plaintiffs of failing to exercise reasonable care in protecting and safeguarding user data related to the 2020 data breach which affected Ledger SAS cryptocurrency wallets.

According to the complaint, the breach resulted from the unauthorised public release of approximately 272,000 pieces personal information, including name, email ID, address, and telephone number.

Plaintiffs claimed that Shopify and TaskUs knew about the data leak for over a week before notifying customers. Between April and June 2020, hackers exploited Ledger’s database via Shopify or TaskUs to obtain the PII of former customers. The black market had already made the victims’ data available for sale, making them susceptible to phishing attacks.

Ledger is being held responsible for multiple promises and global advertising campaigns touting security. The exploit’s severity was worsened by the hacker publishing Ledger’s customer list online via Shopify in December 2020.

Other than phishing attacks. The victims were also threatened with physical assault and blackmail if the funds weren’t transferred to the criminals. The plaintiffs claimed that the French hardware wallet firm sent an email to its customers affected by data breaches informing them that their PII had been leaked.

Ledger claimed that Shopify was used to run its online store. Shopify had direct access to Ledger’s personal data. Shopify uses TaskUs to provide customer support services. Therefore, the third-party contractor had access to customer data.

California Court Dismisses 2020 Data Breach Lawsuit

Shopify and Ledger have been sued in the past for data breaches. Shopify users were allegedly hacked to their crypto assets.

The California court however ruled in favor Shopify and Ledger’s motion in November 2013 to dismiss the lawsuit. Judge Edward Chen said that the US-based court doesn’t have jurisdiction over these entities because they are located in Canada and France.

Trezor, a cryptocurrency wallet company, has confirmed earlier this week that its users were the victims of the MailChimp exploit. It was currently investigating an email phishing attack in which hackers sent false notifications about data breaches to users after compromising a mailing address.

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