Kryxivia Offers Blockchain Gaming With an NFT-Powered Twist Incubated on Unicrypt

[PRESS RELEASE- Bucuresti, France 24 November 2021]

The first blockchain-based games were launched a few years back, which ushered in a new era of gaming. However, those games were limited by the slow and congested Blockchains that they relied upon. This was a problem that hindered the game’s growth and rendered their play-to earn (P2E), mechanics unsustainable.

Many of the pioneers in blockchain gaming succumbed to the pressure and fell into the shadows. There was a gap in the crypto world that their absence left, and it is now vacant. It is now possible thanks to the recent explosion of NFT development and the appearance of more efficient blockchains.

Enter Kryxivia. Kryxivia is a blockchain-based MMORPG. It aims to succeed in places where others have failed, in part by giving players ownership over their in-game assets. It’s set to revolutionize blockchain gaming when it launches. Here’s how.

The World of Kryxivia is open to you

Kryxivia takes players into a world in which a mine that contains artifacts from an ancient civilization promises power, influence and control to all who find them. These artifacts are more than just in-game power-ups and buffs. These artifacts, along with all other assets in the game, are NFTs. This means that players can trade, buy, and sell them as they please, thereby sustaining a vibrant economy in the game.

The primary goal for the world’s inhabitants when the game launches will be to locate and extract as many artifacts from the mine as possible. The mine can be explored by up to four players. As their party grows, the difficulty of the exploration increases. Successful mining is a way to advance in the game.

This is because artifacts are the game’s leveling system. Players who find them can power up their characters according to the effects of each artifact. Players also have the option to upgrade artifacts, unlocking their potential and allowing them to explore a world full of possibilities.

Kryxivia is not a utopia for adventurers. Its developers are planning to create a PvP system where players can compete against each other, risking their artifacts as well as the in-game currency KXS. The world of Kryxivia will not be as peaceful once that happens.

KXA and KXS Tokens

Kryxivia is more than a game. It revolves around the collection of NFT artifacts. Real money can be earned by players through this game. Kryxivia uses two native tokens to support its in-game economy. The Kryxivia Coin Token, also known as KXA, facilitates on-chain payments for game products such as starter packs or special NFT sales. It is also where players can buy the in-game currency, the Kryxivia Shard coin (KXS).

KXS is the way players pay for things in the game world. For example, they can spend KXS on upgrading their artifacts and buying potions from NPCs. They can also sacrifice it to link their items with Kryxit gems that power their magical abilities. Players will eventually be able to stake their KXS in the game bank and earn solid returns for themselves.

This mechanic is crucial to the game’s economy. Players can use their KXS in order to upgrade their NFT objects. As they upgrade their NFT items, the value increases and there is a possibility of making a profit selling them on the game’s market. You can turn your gameplay into an income stream by turning your rare items and hard work in-game into KXA.

Major Upcoming Events

Kryxivia, as it stands right now, is still in its infancy. The developers are making steady progress towards its launch. They expect to have a public sale for the KXA token before the end of this year to help build liquidity and funds to support the game. KXA will be listed on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko afterward. This will allow community members to track its price more easily.

The year ahead will bring the most significant developments. The WebGL-based game will be ready for launch in the first quarter 2022. The in-game marketplace, which allows for on-chain trading in-game items, should also be available for launch.

Kryxivia will enter beta in the second quarter if all goes according to plan. This will begin a frenzy of work to improve its functionality. The world of Kryxivia will be open to new players and all of them should compete for power and wealth – both within and outside the game. Kryxivia’s combination of NFT assets and web-based gameplay will be the future of blockchain gaming. The sky is the limit for the game’s developers and the inhabitants of its world.

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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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