Kinesis Money Launched its Holder’s Yield Service

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London, 30 September: Kinesis Money, a monetary system based 1:5 allocations of gold and silver, today launches the Holder’s Yield. This means that a portion the yield pool currently valued at $17.5million will be distributed each month to holders who have gold or silver with Kinesis.

Up until now, the revenue from trading or investing in gold was speculative. Market fluctuations could affect it. Kinesis is a viable alternative. Participants can increase their holdings in gold and silver by receiving a 15% yield on overall transaction costs each month.

Kinesis is the best place to own gold because it stores your metals in non-bank vaults that are world-class. Kinesis also covers insurance and storage costs for Kinesis users. Kinesis offers a guaranteed yield on all gold assets, unlike monthly storage fees and insurance.

The Holder’s Yield is a unique combination of the enduring, stable value of physical gold and a revolutionary model that allows users to earn a risk-free yield through the mutual sharing transaction fees. Users also have access to the native trading exchange, which provides a complete solution for managing their metals portfolio.

Importantly, as global inflation rises, The Holder’s yield, which is paid out in gold and silver monthly, provides a virtually inflation-proof method for the creation a fortified digital portfolio. It is designed for intrinsic growth and persistent value – an unparalleled way to safeguard wealth in today’s uncertain economic climate.

This is a turning point for the precious metals sector. Gold has never been more easily available than it is now. Kinesis took gold, one the most stable assets of value, and transformed its banking infrastructure so that gold can be traded like any other currency designed for mainstream adoption.

The Holder’s Yield, which is an industry first is just one of five yields Kinesis will bring online in 2021/2022. This makes Kinesis gold/silver one of the most exciting investments made in precious metals in the past decade.

Thomas Coughlin is the CEO of Kinesis.

We are asking gold investors to switch to Kinesis. Holder’s Yield is an industry first. It’s also an economic first. This makes traditional ways of storing gold obsolete. We distribute a yield based on transaction fees. This means that it can only produce a positive return, and this will only grow with our growth. We are redefining the economic model and dispersing some of our profits to create a more fair and ethical environment for users to encourage and promote the use of digital currency.

Andrew Maguire, Director at Kinesis says:

“What we are witnessing is truly revolutionary in the precious metals sector. This is a first: a yield system that is based on usage and transaction fees sharing is the solution for risky trading strategies, and debt-based loan programs where investors are at risk. Guess what? And it’s only the beginning.

About Kinesis

Kinesis is changing the precious metals sector by restoring gold and silver as currencies through its digital platform. It offers a simple and easy-to use interface that allows users to interact with precious metals in both their daily banking and investment lives. Kinesis allows users to buy fully allocated physical gold or silver. They can also have their physical holdings securely vaulted and be able to liquidate them at any time. Kinesis is designed to assist investors in protecting their precious metals wealth and earning passive income in the form of physical gold or silver.

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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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