Jack Dorsey’s Bitcoin Academy Airdrops $1000 in BTC to All Attendees

The Bitcoin Academy’s first iteration – Jack Dorsey (Shawn Carters’) Bitcoin education program – has ended.

After 12 weeks, all participants were eligible to receive $1000 in Bitcoin.

Jay Z and Jack’s Parting Gift

Business Insider reported that Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey personally funded the entire program, which included the final airdrop. Although it is not clear how many people received the airdrops, Jay’s mother sent an email revealing that over 350 Marcy residents attended the program.

She said, “Marcy residents showed-up.” “It is important to provide the resources needed such as meals, childcare, devices and internet access.

The Bitcoin Academy, an in-person program to provide Bitcoin education and resources for residents of Marcy Houses in New York, was announced in June. It is the same program Jay Z started growing up. It ran from June 22nd to September 7th.

The organizers made it clear that participants would receive various rewards such as smartphones, data plans for one year, and free MiFi devices. Some residents were attracted to the program by other benefits such as free childcare. However, the Bitcoin gift was an unexpected surprise.

What the Program Taught

The event covered courses such as “Wealth Building & Assets”, “Why Decentralization Matters”, “Staying Secure from Scammers”, “Bitcoin & Taxes,” or “Careers in Crypto.” Marcy residents can access all courses recorded online.

Lamar Wilson, an Academy instructor who is also the founder of Black Bitcoin Billionaire, stated that “a lot of times, it doesn’t get our community.” “It’s not because people are intentionally discriminatory. It’s because they’ren’t being intentional about getting that information there.

He noted that many residents understood complex concepts such as Bitcoin mining after being explained to them. Many attendees were interested in learning how Bitcoin can be used to build “generational wealth.”

Wilson was particularly intrigued by the use of Bitcoin to help historically oppressed groups protect their wealth from being confiscated. Mariela Regalado, a Marcy resident, recognized Bitcoin as a tool to help her daughter secure a financial future.

She said, “I’m stacking stacks to her, and I probably wasn’t gonna be in able to say this back in June before Academy, but now that I know what it means, I can.”

Regalado and Wilson stressed that the academy’s students were not pressured to trade or buy Bitcoin, but were educated about it. Regalado said, “It always felt as if we were at a family dinner and that the cousin who discovered Bitcoin is telling everyone else about it.”

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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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