izumi Finance Closes Series A Fundraising With $3.5M From DeFi and Crypto Investors

[PRESS RELEASE – Singapore, Singapore, 9th December 2021]

izumi, an innovative protocol that allows for programmable liquidity mining on Uniswap V3, successfully closed its Series A round of fundraising at $3.5 million.

Including the last round of investment, izumi raised $5.6 million. These funds will enable izumi to launch its native token (iZi), which will take place on December 20, and be followed immediately by the launch the izumi LiquidBox platform on December 21. Investors such as Mirana Ventures and Cadenza have participated in the Series A fundraising.

izumi is creating a new and innovative tool for the DeFi ecosystem. This is especially true after Uniswap’s V3.

Uniswap V3’s innovative concentrated liquidity model allows liquidity providers to bond assets to one or multiple tight price ranges. This should allow them to capture more transaction fees for the same investment.

Some studies show that investors can lose capital due to greater impermanent losses. A tight price range means that you are 100% exposed to asset value loss if it breaks out of this range.

LiquidBox, izumi’s innovative liquidity mining tool, solves a variety of problems in both Uniswap V3 and classic Uniswap V2 mining. This allows investors to increase their earnings as well as projects to attract liquidity more efficiently with token rewards.

This is possible because LiquidBox’s system of allocating reward tokens in accordance with specific rules allows for best outcomes for projects. One model provides buy-side liquidity for UniswapV3 while the other part of a portfolio is used to directly farm rewards. This means that the user will only experience some temporary loss and not any upside. Innovative models such as izumi’s ability to provide liquidity only within certain ranges solve the “Pool2 problem” of excessive dilution.

The customizable models of izumi create a win-win scenario for both users who will earn by staking tokens on izumi and projects who will be able take advantage larger, more affordable liquidity pools.

“Izumi is adding another piece to the DeFi puzzle. They are helping projects reach target liquidity distribution. This includes enhanced concentrated liquidity. “We are glad to be working alongside them on this challenging and crucial task!” – said Xinshu Dong (co-founder of IOSG).

Jimmy Yin, cofounder of izumi Finance, stated that “izumi has a clear vision and it is meaningful to help projects get on-chain liquidity in an efficient way and continuous manner.” “LiquidBox by izumi is our first step. A multi-chain liquidity solution will follow. Every project that is izumi-related is welcome to contact us for more and cheaper liquidity.

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izumi Finance provides programmable liquidity on UniswapV3 multi-chains. LiquidBox is a liquidity mining platform that offers Uniswap V3 LP token staking reward rewards in non-homogeneous price ranges. This could increase the efficiency of reward distribution and improve the earnings of liquidity providers. izumi will also expand liquidity service to multichains with built in DEX and bridge in future.

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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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