Infosys Launches Metaverse Foundry to Help Enterprises Navigate Emerging Technologies

Indian multinational IT company Infosys announced Thursday the launch of Metaverse Foundry. The company is a global leader of digital services and IT consulting and the new business division promises to accelerate an enterprise’s ability use emerging technologies and offer metaverse services and products.

“Infosys metaverse foundry helps enterprises navigate the metaverse by partnering with them through the Discover-Create-Scale cycle,” a press release shared by the company said.

Information about the Offering

Metaverse Foundry is a tool that will allow you to explore the metaverse using more than 100 pre-made templates and use cases. These features will allow enterprises to explore the metaverse from a new perspective.

These tools will allow an enterprise to know how the environment and tools behave for customers, employees, and products.

“The physical world and the virtual world are already seamlessly and ubiquitously interwoven. This overlap will be deepened by the metaverse in highly experiential ways, which will provide ample space for business innovation.

“We want to help our clients quickly double down upon those opportunities in an find-faster, learn-faster environment before we can reorient our capabilities, processes, and culture in-house in response to this rapidly changing space,” Ravi Kumar S., President, Infosys.

Metaverse Foundry is already in use

According to the firm’s statement, Infosys metaverse findry was already used by partners and businesses.

It helped Tennis Australia in the Australian Open 2021 with a digital-physical store that was extended and helped the fans reimagine their shopping experience.

Tennis fans can now shop online for their favourite items such as racquets, beach towels and caps and bring them back to the real world. Korey Allchin, Tennis Australia’s Director for Partnership and International Business, clarified this.

Komatsu, a manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, is working with Infosys to “uncover what significant investments” it should make to ensure its future-ready status. “We are thrilled to partner with Infosys Metaverse Foundry ,” said Daniel Schumacher (Komatsu’s Head for Global IT Applications and Digital Innovation).

Infosys co-founder had fought for crypto as an asset

Nandan Nilekani, Infosys’ co-founder, stated in June that cryptocurrencies should not be considered commodities. He cited high energy consumption and volatility as reasons why cryptocurrencies are not a good option for payment. The tech billionaire said that digital assets shouldn’t be banned in March 2013. Instead, they should be considered an asset class.

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