Indian Crypto Industry Reps Call for Reduction in Certain Taxation Rules

Crypto ecosystem players in India are urging for the reduction of Tax Deduction at Source (TDS), on crypto transactions. The Union budget 2022-22-23 approved a TDS of 1% for virtual digital assets. Industry representatives claim that this is too high and can cause traders to leave the market, causing volume drops. They are asking for a reduction in TDS to 0.01 to 0.05 percent.

Unocoin and CoinDCX CEOs Call For TDS Reduction

Sathvik Vishwanath is the co-founder and CEO at Unocoin, an Indian crypto exchange. He tweeted Tuesday: “I am currently meeting traders who are leaving India because they cannot tolerate TDS. This is how Govt will not make revenue. It should be a volume sport, even for Govt.”

Sumit Gupta was the co-founder and CEO at CoinDCX. It is now India’s most valuable crypto startup.

“We are negotiating with the government. We have presented a presentation about how 30% tax and more, 1% TDS are detrimental to the industry’s growth. It will lock up capital and drain liquidity from the market. Retail investors will be hurt if liquidity isn’t available.”

The government is creating a more tax-friendly environment for crypto companies. Media reports last week suggested that Indian tax authorities plan to place crypto activities under the highest 28% GST bracket, which is usually reserved for luxury and non-essential activities like horse racing, gambling, and betting.

“We will make it easy at our end, but we still engage and keep the dialog open with the government asking them for a reduction in TDS to 0.01 percent or 0.05 percent. Gupta said that income tax of 30% is on the higher side and they are asking them to lower it.

TDS and Income Tax on Crypto Activities

The Budget 2022-23 provided much-needed clarity regarding taxes on crypto transactions and profits. Profits from crypto transactions are subject to a 30% capital gains tax. There is no provision for losses compensation. The tax rate applicable to income from speculative activities such as horse racing is the same.

The proposal also included 1% TDS for payments exceeding Rs 10,000 (Appr. 125) for the purchase of virtual assets within a financial year. The threshold is increased to Rs 50,000 (Appr. Individuals and families who need to have their accounts audited by the I-T Act are entitled to $725 The capital gains tax is effective as of April 1st, while the TDS will take effect from July 1, 2022.

Some parliamentarians pointed out that poor crypto regulation would lead to an exodus of innovation during the March budget debate. These observations proved to be very prophetic, as trading volume on major exchanges fell significantly within the first ten working days of the new taxation policy.

This, along with denial by regulators of instant retail payments UPI to crypto-exchanges, led to turmoil and the closing of INR trading at Coinbase, WazirX and CoinSwith Kuber.

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