FUNToken’s CEO Adriaan Brink Talks About the Meteoric Users Growth and the Upcoming XFUN

Online gaming is growing rapidly. It has gone from being an underrated industry to a multibillion-dollar market with hundreds of thousands of players around the globe competing in different games and genres.

We’ve seen an increase in interest in blockchain-based gambling over the last few months. Blockchain-based technology shines in gambling. FUNToken is a project that seeks to give control back to players.

This interview is with Adriaan Brink, CryptoPotato’s CEO. Brink has a wealth of experience in betting, gambling technology, and internet payments tech. Brink has worked on several industrial-strength system designs and more than 20 years experience in operating different gambling sites, including one of the first ever online.

Adriaan Brink, FUNToken

This interview focuses on FUNToken’s focus, Brink’s vision of iGaming’s future, and how the platform fits in.

It’s possible to break it down as easily as you can. What is FUNToken?

“FUNToken works to decentralize the gambling experience. It gives players ownership and control over their funds. With our mobile-based wallets, it starts with the token. Users can then play with their tokens, move them around and avoid gas fees by using our mobile-based wallets.

The next step is to increase the entertainment options for players by providing more content, thus building the community. Finally, the blockchain will move more of this process out of the hands of the custodial operators and onto the blockchain. It’s fundamentally about a community and ecosystem for gamblers built on blockchain technology.

Recently, you announced the XFUN Layer-2 token. It runs on Polygon. What made you choose Polygon? Do you plan to expand on other layer twos in future?

We chose Polygon because it offers a fast, scalable layer-2 solution and very low transaction fees (gas). This was further enhanced by a mechanism that allows us to completely eliminate gas costs for users (effectively, we fund the transactions). To me, the biggest barrier to widespread adoption of tokens is the high gas cost. I am thrilled to have the chance to offer gas-free transactions.

We looked at other chains, and the landscape changes very quickly. We are not a fixed set on Polygon. However, it is about usability and building community. I don’t think that the average user is concerned about the blockchain you use as long as the process for using the token works efficiently.

Could you please share more information about your burning process? Is there a purpose behind the burning process? What is the ultimate goal?

The token’s price could rise by adding a deflationary component to the ecosystem. This is what investors want. In September, we started this process with a 5M FUN burn.

FUN ultimately aims to return value to investors. This is achieved by growing the ecosystem and increasing the number of users.

What do you see the future direction of iGaming going? How will FUNToken be a part thereof?

“Crypto, in general, I believe will be as integral a part our daily lives in the future than the internet. We have seen a significant increase in users since February from 80K to more than 300K (many of which are in custodial wallets), with no signs of slowing.

This week, we launched a tech and marketing push at Sigma in Malta. We presented the case to online gaming operators to integrate XFUN with our community. We will open the doors to more operators and content to provide greater opportunities for FUNToken holders and grow the community.

Recently, you announced an extended roadmap for Q4 2021. What are you most excited about?

“XFUN! “XFUN!” was launched on Polygon. This makes it possible for on-chain operations to be run without the high latency and gas fees that plagued FUN and other tokens on Ethereum.

This, combined with a cool wallet and tight integrations with operators creates a powerful and unique ecosystem for gaming in future.”

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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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