Fed Vice Chair Warns Bank Involvement in Crypto of Sparking Financial Instability

In a speech she gave at Friday’s Bank of England conference, Lael Brainard, Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve, urged policymakers for tighter regulatory oversight of the crypto industry. The Chair reiterated the danger of the crypto market collapse affecting the core financial system due to the lack of regulation of banks and stablecoin issuesrs.

DeFi Protocols to Target

Brainard’s speech highlighted the risks of crypto markets as being similar to traditional markets. However, the former promises to operate differently.

This instability was evident in crypto platforms that fell prey to the risks of “runs.fire sales.deleveraging.interconnectedness and contagion,” as well as firms that recently placed withdrawal freezes and filed bankruptcies in the midst of a market downturn.

“Large crypto-players who used leverage to increase returns are trying to monetize, missing margin calls and facing possible bankruptcy.”

Recent collapses in crypto lending companies have made it imperative for policymakers that they tighten up loopholes to prevent such platforms from engaging in traditional finance compliance. Brainard said that platforms offering hybrid services with elements of both centralized and decentralized finance should not be considered an exception.

She added to her analysis of the deeperening selloffs by describing DeFi protocols as “new challenges” due the peer-to–peer nature of such activities and the absence of valid identities. She expressed concern over the potential for financial crimes being facilitated by new technology.

“Permissionless transactions of assets and tools that conceal the source of funds facilitate evasion and increase the risk for theft, hacks and ransom attacks. ”

Crypto Banking: Bank Involvement

The Fed Chair stated that the increased involvement of banks in crypto and stablecoin activities, ranging from custody, issuance, customer facilitation, could lead to financial instability. Banks are often intermediaries between users and digital asset firms. Banks that are closely linked to the wider market could be affected by a bloody crash in crypto.

Although the level of interconnectedness between crypto- and the core financial systems has not reached a point that could pose systemic risks, Brainard admitted that relevant banks institutions and stablecoin issues are ones regulators should be paying attention to.

She commented on negative headlines about the stablecoin sector and described assets tied to fiat currency “highly susceptible to runs”, suggesting that they should be subjected to the same scrutiny as private monies.

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