FBI: Beware of Fraudulent Crypto Investment Applications

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), warned investors and financial institutions to be cautious when dealing with digital assets. The sector is full of scammers who only want to defraud. The agency currently has 244 victims of scam crypto schemes that have lost $42.7 million.

Cybercriminals Very Active in Crypto Space

America’s top law enforcement and national security agency has warned that criminals have infiltrated the cryptocurrency world. The FBI said that these criminals exploit legitimate digital assets investments and defraud US citizens, causing financial losses to monetary institutions.

According to the agency, bad actors can be very creative and profit from increased interest in cryptocurrency investing and mobile banking. Fake websites can be created using logos, names and other identifying information from legitimate businesses.

Although conned people believe that they are dealing with authorized companies in many cases, they soon realize that the entire investment was a fraud.

The FBI advised financial institutions to notify their customers about this activity, and to advise them how to spot fake websites.

This law enforcement agency has identified 244 victims of fraudulent cryptocurrency investments that have lost more than $42 million. Notable hacking groups such as Supayos and YiBit were behind some of the attacks, which included several victims worth more than $42 million.

The Bureau advised investors to find as much information as possible about the financial institutions they deal with, and whether or not they offer cryptocurrency services. Avoid joining a dubious investment plan that is being promoted by someone unfamiliar.

The FBI stated that it is important to verify an app’s legitimacy before downloading it. This includes identifying the company offering the app and confirming its existence.

The previous warning

The agency issued a warning in April that North Korean-sponsored hackers were trying to exploit exchanges and cryptocurrency companies in the United States. Their primary goal is to “generate, launder funds” in order to support the totalitarian regime of the Asian nation.

According to the FBI the most active hacking groups targeting US businesses are “Lazarus”, “ATO38,” Stardust Chollima,” “BlueNoroff,” and “Stardust Chollima.”

These collectives often engage with victims via social media platforms. Investors are encouraged to download trojanized digital assets applications for Windows and macOS. The wrongdoers then gain access to victim’s devices in order to steal private keys or drain funds.

According to the FBI, people should keep their passwords and other identifying credentials secure and change them often. Individuals should immediately notify law enforcement agencies if they suspect a fraudulent scheme.

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