EX Sports: Empowering Niche Athletes like Sean Garnier With NFTs 

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The NFT market is expanding rapidly and entertainment has greatly benefited. Apart from Beeple’s First 5000 Days’, CryptoPunks and other digital artworks, collectible sports cards such as the NBA’s Top Shot have been making waves in the crypto space.

These non-fungible tokens are an indisputable proof that digital content is owned by the owner. Each token can be identified on the blockchain and each one is unique. NFTs have not been fully adopted by niche athletes, despite their popularity and having thousands, if certainly millions of passionate fans.

Sean Garnier has launched his digital collectibles. This will be done on EX Sports and will likely open the door for other niche athletes.

The World’s First Freestyle Football NFTs

Sean Garnier, a French freestyle footballer, is set to launch the first freestyle football NFT collection with EX Sports.

Garnier began his career as an association football player, with the big dream of becoming a professional footballer. After a series injuries in his early career, Garnier was forced to give up the club game.

Then he began to develop a freestyle football technique that mixes music and breakdance with elements from football and basketball. Garnier gained a large following, earning him the title of “world’s greatest urban baller”.

Garnier and EX Sports teamed up to create the first freestyle football NFTs after seeing how mainstream athletes are becoming more involved in the NFT mania.

About EX Sports

EX Sports allows sports fans to trade, buy and sell digital collectibles online. It also offers access to a range of sports and a reward program for collectors, athletes and sports lovers.

Digital collectibles can be created and sold by athletes on their terms. This empowers those who are not in the mainstream sports world.

EX Sports provides a platform for niche athletes to issue their NFTs. This allows them to create new income streams, build their personal brands and connect with their supporters.

EX Sports provides niche athletes with financial opportunities not available to other athletes in “big-money” sports.

The strongest and most compelling use case for NFTs doesn’t revolve around lining the pockets the rich. It’s about empowerment of the little guy, the ‘underdog’. That’s why EX Sports founder Toli Makris said.

Athletes can use the EX Sports platform to create and sell limited-edition digital collectibles. This allows fans to support their favorite athletes and build their NFT portfolio.

They can exchange them with their fans for EXS tokens.

EX Sports allows athletes and collectors to be assisted. Federations can also create limited-edition tokens that commemorate special moments, increase exposure to the international sports community, encourage fan engagement and generate new revenue streams.

How does Garnier’s Freestyle football NFT work?

Garnier’s NFTs, which are unique among sports collectibles, resemble those of the NBA Top Shots. The NFTs won’t be static images but will instead come as short video clips. He believes that video NFTs are more useful than still images and have more applications.

Each token includes a clip of Garnier performing his signature moves. Fans who purchase the NFTs will have access to the complete tutorial.

The underdog star said that he wanted fans to use the tutorials to train avatars in videogames.

Garnier commented on the reason he chose this design for his NFT bags:

“NFTs shouldn’t be just about pictures. They should serve a purpose.

EX Sports believes it can use the issuance digital tokens to empower an entirely new generation of artists and athletes.

Find out more about Sean Garnier’s NFT here.

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Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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