Elon Musk Says He Doesn’t Own Shiba Inu Tokens, Enraging SHIB Hodlers

Elon Musk owns a Shiba Inu puppy. Elon Musk jokes about Shiba Iu, but Elon doesn’t keep Shiba inu.

Elon Musk, who is a prominent figure in the Crypto Twitter community, replied to one of the Shiba Inu accounts.

Elon Musk has no Shiba, Floki or Other Dogecoin Spinoff

Elon Musk doesn’t have a single Floki token, even though his dog’s name was Floki.

Elon Musk claimed that he owned only Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin, a portfolio he had previously revealed. This disclosure was accompanied by a piece for maximalists, whether they are Bitcoin, Shiba Inu or any other cryptocurrency. Faith in a coin is not as important as the ecosystem of services that surround it.

Elon Musk claims he doesn’t have a Shiba Inu. Image via Twitter

Elon Musk seems to prefer the original meme over the copied. The world’s wealthiest man has been working tirelessly to improve Dogecoin so that it can be used worldwide as a medium of exchange.

Dogecoin Foundation appointed Elon Musk’s associate as a member to its advisory board. This could mean that Musk’s relationship with Dogecoin is more than just memes.

Elon Musk has shared his love for Dogecoin throughout his company. The entrepreneur stated in a tweet that many of his employees owned Dogecoin and that this was what motivated him to invest in this cryptocurrency.

Many people I spoke to were interested in Tesla’s production lines or SpaceX’s rocket building. They’re not Silicon Valley technologists or financial experts. Doge was my choice. It felt like crypto for the people.

Elon Musk (@elonmusk), October 24, 2021

Cute Puppy Displays His Teeth

After Elon Musk’s tweet, Shiba Inu suffered a near instantaneous fall.

The cryptocurrency reached an ATH value of $0.00004217. According to Cryptopotato, this was enough for a $1K purchase $SHIB in October. After Elon’s tweet, however, the token plunged to $0.00003282, which is a serious loss of 27%. It recovered a little to its current price at $0.00003770.

Shiba Inu Price Image by Tradingview

This unleashed the fury of the Shiba Inu communities, who were upset by the losses and called for Elon to be cancelled, criticizing his excessive influence, and demanding to “break free from the Musk effect.”

I hope that you have learned not to ask Musk again. In just a few hours, ATH can go from 0% to almost zero. We did not come all the way without him, just to be greedy.

— jbraden (@jbraden59481456) October 24, 2021

It’s a way to make someone laugh and ruin the gains you just made. You want Elon’s support by hoping for a positive response to boost prices. It was fine without him. His influence has helped to lower the price.

— Keith Greenwood (@keithgreenwood) October 24, 2021

This question was necessary. Shiba was already successful without Robin Hood and Elon. This is what happened because of a stupid question.

— Hulagu Khan

(@Hulagukhan0 October 24, 2021

This man should stop asking questions about lmbo. There is no need to reiterate what the Shiba Army has control. Our future cannot be controlled by another man. After his reply …., we took a break. pic.twitter.com/I1cCeF7sNT

— IronLuxxTrader (@PeterGSanchez1) October 24, 2021

Maybe that grudge will end when Elon releases another photo of his dog, raising the token to new heights…

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Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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