Dfinity Sues Meta for Trademark Registration of a Logo Similar to Theirs

Dfinity, a non-profit organization that creates the Internet Computer protocol, filed a lawsuit against Meta Platforms in California on April 29. It claimed that Meta Platforms used a logo too similar to itss to attract customers to its new central metaverse.

According to Dfinity, the trademark of the company is represented by the “infinity symbol”, which was registered at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) on October 9, 2018.

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Two Trademarks Struggle for Brand Recognition

Dfinity’s lawsuit is based on the international classifications under the company was registered. These collide with Meta. Dfinity was granted trademark registration to provide blockchain technology services and decentralized platforms.

Dfinity also noted that the color palette was not claimed to be a feature of its mark and Dfinity’s ownership therefore extends to color variations.

Dfinity also stressed that its logo was used on its website from March 2017, while Meta (formerly Facebook) registered its logo for use in March 2022.

Meta knows what it’s doing

Dfinity claims that Meta was aware of the similarity to its trademark. Meta claims that its design is a “geometric design consisting only of two loops”, so it decided to continue its applications for an operating registration similar Dfinity.

Dfinity sued Meta in the result. They claim that Meta has already registered the trademark to offer the same services they want to offer, including: “Design and develop computer hardware and software; hosting of software applications by others” and “Hosting digital content on the Internet.” Dfinity claims that this could lead to confusion among potential customers of its services.

“The similarity between Meta’s and Dfinity’s marks, as well as Meta’s intention to use its mark in the exact same space and through the identical customer base, will create confusion. Consumers will mistakenly believe Meta and its services have been connected with, sponsored, affiliated with, or related with Dfinity or that Dfinity and its service are related with, connected to, sponsored, affiliated with, or related with Meta.”

Dfinity claims that Meta would “knowingly” violate the law by using an IP previously registered without authorization. According to the ICP developers, such conduct caused Dfinity “lose or threaten to lose revenue.”

Dfinity’s Future Could Be Harmened by Meta’s Past

Dfinity does not want to be associated with Facebook’s terrible reputation. This is another key point of the lawsuit. Facebook Meta is now associated with data breaches and unauthorized trading of information, as well as other scandals, for which they have been sued in numerous cases.

Dfinity claims that this would cause Infinity “serious reputational damage.” This could be critical for the future development of the Internet Computer Protocol.

Meta has not made any comments about the lawsuit.

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