Delta.Theta: Terminal 2.0 Comes With Further Improvements

Every yield farmer and crypto trader wants to make large profits, while minimizing some of the risk they face in a volatile market.

Delta.theta created a solution to allow both DeFi yield farmers and crypto traders to make the most of their investments without taking on high-risk exposure.

Delta.theta, a peer-to-peer options trading platform, allows users to access CEX liquidity on-chain. This creates a network of decentralized order book market makers that can hedge against CEX order books.

What are the Options in Crypto?

Positions for hedge

Hedging strategies can be used by investors to significantly reduce their exposure in volatile markets such as crypto.

Options can be used correctly to help investors reduce their risk and increase their potential return. Put options are more valuable if the underlying asset is less than the exercise price.

The exercise price of a call option is lower than the underlying asset, which can lead to a decrease in the value of call options.

Market participation without a position

Option trading can allow traders to participate in the crypto market, without having to take up any position. They can speculate on the price movements of any crypto asset.

The trader must choose between put or call options. Long call options are used by traders when they are bullish on the price of an underlying asset. This allows them to make huge profits when it exceeds its strike price.

Long-put options are used by traders when they are bearish on the price of an underlying asset. This protects against a price drop below the strike price.

Meet DLTA Terminal v2.0

Delta.theta released DTLA Terminal v2.0 on December 21st to offer a better user experience.

Terminal v2.0 represents a practical step in the development of the project’s business model and preparations for the launch the structured products module.

The new terminal will be used by the platform to allow users to buy any type of structured product. This project is expanding its services and products, but also creating new relationships with other protocols like Aurora and NEAR.

Hacken also audited the terminal and found no significant flaws.

The following features are available to Options traders using Terminal 2.0:

There are no restrictions on the options, positions or sides of the deal. Any strike or premium can be purchased and sold by users on any date and option.

After the option has been purchased, sellers can claim the premium for them.

– Full integration of DLTA tokens – 50% off platform fees when paying in DLTA and the ability to pay in DLTA network fees.

– All PUT Option sellers can receive APY from Venus via a cross-chain solution.

– The Platform expands and offers all Tier-1/Tier-2 tokens covered by the platform (Top-100CMC).

– No Know-Your-Customer (KYC). Many would consider the absence of KYC a benefit. This is because this exchange is decentralized, so users don’t need to undergo rigorous compliance checks.

The Roadmap of Delta.theta

Delta.theta is aiming to accomplish great feats in the coming year with the release of the second version.

For 2022, the project’s primary focus will be on structured products as well as automated modules for delta hedge. The project plans to expand its network, add Tier1-Tier2 tokens to the list, and create new Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), networks.

A community program is also planned, and there are plans to create an ambassador program. Rumours suggest that a community fund will be launched.

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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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