Dacxi Chain: Solving the Problem of Investor Confidence in Equity Crowdfunding

Speculating and investing are two different things. It all comes down to your realistic expectation of a positive return.

A speculator’s confidence is based on their willingness to accept their wishful thinking as facts. An investor’s confidence comes from a calm assessment of financial data and extensive background research.

Imagine being able to invest your money in an innovative crowdfunded equity project. Investors want to see a future return on their investment. Although the initial investment may be as low as a thousand dollars or as high at ten thousand dollars it doesn’t mean that investors don’t need to have confidence in data and accurate information. Trusting the people behind the opportunity such as the founders of the project and the investors is key.

This level of confidence is difficult to achieve with the current crowdfunding model. Why? Why?

The Dacxi Chain is a crowdfunding information solution. It is unique in its approach. It connects entrepreneurs and investors around the globe and builds investor confidence.

The Crowd is still too small

Crowdfunding is currently done locally. Investors usually have limited access to projects within their country. This severely restricts the funding available for innovators to develop and market their products. Investors will find it very difficult to access attractive investment opportunities.

Inadequate funding is worse than no funding at any point. Many projects receive enough money to make a few steps toward their goals, but then run out of cash and stop. This is a waste of time, money, resources, and effort that has been invested to get it there. The crowdfunding market’s failure to realize its incredible potential is due to the high number of failed startups. Investors are not likely to feel confident if they suspect the project they are interested is underfunded.

A lack of funding means that many early-stage projects worldwide are abandoned. This is despite the fact that investors are eager to invest in Early Stage opportunities. The Early Stage is the place where hyper-growth in value occurs.

Dacxi Chain’s tokenized crowdfunding platform will finally allow crowdfunding to scale globally. Millions of people worldwide can unlock the potential for hyper-growth.

The Dacxi Chain Solves the Problem of Confidence

Dacxi Chain provides investors and entrepreneurs confidence. The Dacxi Chain allows investors to make meaningful financial assessments. It also ensures entrepreneurs have the funding they need to get their product to market.

What is the process?

Locally-based Dacxi innovation support teams will assist entrepreneurs who require funding to market and develop their product. The Dacxi team will then examine the project thoroughly, including its financials, owners and fundamentals.

If the project meets the strict criteria set by Dacxi then the details will be uploaded on the Dacxi Chain platform. Investors around the world can access them. This dramatically increases the number of funders, especially when compared to the currently-constrained crowdfunding model.

Dacxi Chain places great emphasis on matching projects with people who are knowledgeable in the industry. People who are interested in a particular sector will receive information about a new agricultural innovation.

Dacxi Chain investors will have a deep understanding of the market, the problem it solves, who will purchase it, possible complications and market rates. They will also be competent in evaluating the investment opportunity. That competence is a sign of confidence.


Dacxi Chain’s tokenized crowdfunding platform will improve and empower crowdfunding. The sector’s enormous potential will be realized by bringing new technology to life and creating positive change around the globe.

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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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