CryptoCom Buys an Ad Space For The Super Bowl 2022 As Its Last Major Business Move of the Year continues to grow in the United States, and has chosen to end the year with a big publicity stunt.

According to Coingecko data the third largest exchange in the ecosystem will be able to have a privileged spot on all US TV screens within two months of having purchased advertising space in America’s most important American football tournament, the Super Bowl, to be held February 2022.

To put things in perspective, the 2021 Super Bowl attracted 96.4 million viewers. This was the lowest audience number in the past 14 years. The U.S. government has estimated that there are 332,396,263 residents in the country. This means that almost a third watched the worst-performing Super Bowl of the past 14 years. is just one step away from the Super Bowl

Although there isn’t any concrete information about the price paid for its ad spaces, The Wall Street Journal reported that NBCUniversal, part Comcast Corp., was selling 30 seconds of ad time during the game for $6.5 million – 1 million more than the asking price last year.

This is not the most ambitious move by the company. spent $700 million in mid-November to acquire the naming rights for Staples Center Stadium. The official stadium for the LA Lakers basketball club is now Crypto.Com Arena. Previously, FTX purchased the naming rights for the Miami Heats’ stadium. sponsors the NHL and NBA in addition to the Coppa Italia and the Conmebol. They also sponsor the Paris Saint-Germain, Formula 1, and the UFC.’s vision is largely based on sports marketing. Steven Kalifowitz (chief marketing officer of the company) stated that the Super Bowl ad purchase fulfills the company’s vision to invest in brand awareness.

“Crypto is truly for everyone. I can reach everyone by getting involved in different sports. Super Bowl is one more step in that direction, where it’s just as mass as you can get.”

The Cost of Greatness

The expansive strategy of has paid off. The exchange’s native token CRO grew by more than 1600% between the beginning of the year and its ATH in November 2021.

Candlesticks for 1 month CROUSD Image by Tradingview

To be more precise, November’s monthly candlestick was the most bullish since the token’s launch. This was due in large part to the acquisition of Staples Center rights, a host of favorable announcements, and a general market price recovery trend.’s business model has been growing beyond its token price. CEO is aiming to reach the Top 20 commercial brands in the world within 5 years. He will be competing directly against companies like Nike and Apple.

If a 30-second ad costs $6 million, that’s a great deal.

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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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