Cozy Web 3 Movement: Cozies Announces Minting of Cozies NFTs for Oct 10

[PRESS RELEASE- New York, United States of America, 6 October 2022]

Cozies is an immersive community-driven movement that promotes a “Cozy” culture of living. The first Cozies NFT release will be available on October 10th at 10:00 EST. The Cozies collection features ERC721A 10,000 NFTs that are inspired by sci-fi and streetwear culture.

Cozies, a Web3-native wellness brand, aims to empower and encourage NFT owners after embarking on a journey to self-exploration. The team has created platforms and a digital world that allows Cozy culture to live in the daily lives of Cozies owners.

It is our goal to create a forward-thinking community of independent wanderers, innovators, and peace seekers. We have left behind a culture of unsustainable hype and risky ventures and are now looking for a new direction. Our focus is on the self and a shared vision for the future. This will ensure that we all experience lifelong growth.

Andrew Fai (Chief Visionary Officer) says that Cozies was born out of some of the Web3-related problems. We want to create a calmer, more collected and reflective environment that is more welcoming and positive for individual well-being.

The Cozies team is focused on creating tools, engaging activities and support processes that allow holders to use their NFT IP and wider Cozies branding material in any desired application. This will allow for decentralized brand growth and increase the utilization options for holders.

These NFTs will serve as decentralized identifiers for Cozies holders. They can then use their Cozies credentials on-chain to access a world of engaging well-being online. Holders will have the ability to use persistent identities to collect digital mementos and credentials that they can take with them in wallets. These tokens will help to mark an individual’s journey of well-being and create a unique, on-chain identity.


Cozies, a Web3-native immersive well-being brand, is leading a global movement towards a “Cozy” culture. They define this as being at ease with who you are and what you have.

The project and organization are focused on creating digital identities that are unique and decentralized. They also work with the community to create tools (public good for holders) that expand the possibilities for holders to utilize their intellectual property (IP). This will help to decentralize brand growth.

With over 100k followers on Twitter, the project is a huge success and continues to promote “Cozy” culture. Cozies’ team has previous experience developing digital experiences that are immersive and working in internationally renowned companies. They are ready to bring Cozy culture on the Web3.


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