Coinovy Wallet: The Importance of Securing Your Digital Investment


Your crypto investments are not risk-free. Portfolio diversification, risk assessment and selection of fundamental projects won’t help. They are only one part of protecting your assets.

A secure wallet is another important measure to protect your digital investments. It applies to both traders and investors. As long as your private keys are not lost, crypto assets will be safe.

A Secure Crypto Wallet is Essential

With more than 200 million crypto users, the market capitalization is now over $2.5 trillion.

Anybody can access and use cryptocurrency from any part of the globe if they have an internet connection. Unfortunately, few people are able to understand the crypto ecosystem’s workings, which makes them vulnerable to thefts and hacks.

Many users don’t know the risks associated with entrusting funds to an exchange. Hackers are targeting exchange wallets as a result.

Hackers can still gain access to these components, even if they have been password protected, linked to an email address or used 2FA. These wallets and funds are in the hands of exchanges, not the wallet owners.

Which wallet is the best for securing your money while still offering seamless user experiences? Metamask, a non-custodial wallet, is commonly used by users to increase security and ownership.

These wallets store user information using a browser extension. They accept ERC-20 tokens.

It could be a hardware wallet. It can, but they are inefficient when interfacing with DeFI protocols or dApps. They severely restrict your online access, which makes them inefficient.

Coinovy: The Ultimate Cryptocurrency wallet

Coinovy, a crypto wallet that can be used in all aspects of decentralization, is a one-stop shop. It allows users to store and track all of their assets in one place, with multiple currencies approved (more than 19).

The Coinovy wallet is a simple and intuitive tool that provides unparalleled convenience for the user. However, it has the edge in terms of security.

Coinovy partnered up with BITGO to provide safety for all wallets and funds. BITGO is a digital asset security innovator with more than $40 billion under custody. BitGo’s multi-signature security protocols and security layers add additional layers of security to Coinovy wallets and eliminate any single point of failure. BitGo’s Digital Asset Insurance of $100 Million covers funds.

Official website states that the interoperable bridge linking Binance Smart Chain to Ethereum makes Coinovy an even more reliable and flexible transaction platform.

You can choose from the BSC or Ethereum blockchain networks, and transact cross-border using your unique wallet address or phone number. Coinovy is also one of the most accessible cryptocurrency wallets on the market, offering a worldwide cash out feature.

Coinovy has partnered with major payment service providers VISA, Apple Pay to increase the utility value of its wallets. It is now easier to convert Crypto-toFiat (C2F), which allows users to buy real-world products using their Coinovy wallet. Coinovy is able to not only protect your investments, but also provide an interoperable wallet.

Parting Thoughts

Security is a concern for anything that has to do with the internet. Cryptocurrency investments are no exception. A trusted wallet such as Coinovy is essential for new users. It simplifies trading and protects users from thieves.

Coinovy’s user-friendly features, combined with Bitgo’s military-grade security system and a high insurance policy — could help remove entry barriers to mainstream crypto adoption.

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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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