Charles Hoskinson Disbands Criticism, Says 1.35.3 Code Tested for Months

Charles Hoskinson, Cardano founder, has responded to critics who claim the Vasil hard fork was being rushed after a critical bug in version 1.35.2 was discovered. This was supposed to have been used to upgrade.

Hoskinson pointed out that all the network’s stake-pool operators (SPOs) have thoroughly tested the code for several months. Hoskinson stated that the vulnerability in 1.35.2 has been fixed in version 1.35.3. This was released shortly after the bug was discovered.

Hoskinson: Testing 1.35.3 Code will Only Hurt Developers

Hoskinson suggested that the Cardano community could postpone Vasil’s launch for a few months to test the code again. However, he argued that this would not be in the best interests of DApps developers, who have been waiting almost a year for Vasil to be released.

As a community, we could delay Vasil’s launch for a few more months in order to retest code which has been tested at least 12 times and is running. Do all the DApp developers that have been waiting almost a year for this update find it worth it?

Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles), August 19, 2022

Some dissatisfied Cardano enthusiasts quickly fired back at Hoskinson. One user claimed that Input Output Hong Kong, the blockchain engineering and research company that created Cardano, had been silent about the “catastrophic end” of 1.35.2. Now, SPOs have been asked to upgrade to the most recent version.

Hoskinson responded, saying that the company wasn’t quiet about it. Hoskinson noted that 1.35.3 was caused by an issue discovered on the testnet. He also stated that respinning another network does not provide any value for the vulnerability. It will cause delays unnecessary that would be detrimental to DApp developers.

We didn’t keep quiet about it. The whole reason that 1.35.3 was removed is because of an issue with the testnet. This bug is not solved by respinning another testnet. These are just terrible delays that can hurt DApp developers.

Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles), August 19, 2022

When will Vasil go live?

Vasil’s hard fork is a much-anticipated network upgrade that is supposed to improve Cardano’s scalability, overall usability, and make the blockchain more appealing for smart contracts and other decentralized applications.

Although the upgrade was originally scheduled to be live in January, it was delayed several times by vulnerabilities and other problems. Vasil’s implementation date is not yet known. Hoskinson pointed out that the network’s nodes would decide when the hard fork should be initiated. This is because Cardano is a decentralized Blockchain.

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