Cardano Founder Explains What Users Should Expect From the Upcoming Vasil Hard Fork

Charles Hoskinson (the founder of Cardano) posted a “recap” video on April 12 explaining the new update to Cardano that will improve Cardano’s performance after the “Vasil” hard fork.

Hoskinson stated at the beginning of the video that he was working on Consensus 2022 in Austin, Texas from June 9-12. He hopes to demonstrate to the Cardano community and Cardano lovers that IOHK is “open for business” at Consensus 2022.

“We are there, and trying to get as many people there as possible to set up booths and speak, and we will host a Cardano-specific event at Consensus.”

Hoskinson also announced that the Vasil hardfork, named after Vasil Dabov, his friend and ADA ambassador, will be held sometime in June. It will bring a “massive improvement to Cardano’s performance.”

“As many of you know, there is a major major big major major main major hard fork combinator events happening in June. That is the Vasil hardfork and it will contain pipelining [one the pillars supporting Cardano’s scaling]. This will be a huge performance improvement for Cardano.”

What changes can the Hard Fork bring?

Hoskinson explained previously that the new hard fork would bring several scaling improvements, including “pipelining”, new PlutusCIPs, UTXO storage on-disk, and Hydra.

“In conjunction with parameter adjustments, these features increase Cardano’s throughput. They also optimize the system to support an increasing number of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) apps and smart contracts.

Cardano’s IOG Team is also making these changes. They are working on new products and features for its users such as a DApp Store, a lightweight wallet and bridges that allow assets to be moved from the main layer 1 to sidechains.

These sidechains can be used to create decentralized exchanges, where users can trade their ADAs for BTC or vice versa using incorruptible smart contract. This will prevent scams.

Cardano’s team works “on insanely aggressive timelines.”

Hoskinson claims that the Cardano team is made up of hundreds of engineers who work “on insanely aggressive timelines again”, contrary to media reports.

“If you listen crypto media, you will hear that Cardano critics believe Cardano doesn’t exist.” It’s just a super-scam and nothing has been constructed or accomplished.

He also noted that a Cardano developer team and third-party organisations will meet in Barcelona on May 17-18 to discuss smart contracts at centrifuge levels and detail the accreditation process for the various wallets and infrastructure.

It is not an easy task to manage a project like Cardano. Hoskinson stated that he is a founder and tries to find universal solutions that not only solve the problem, but also address its root cause.

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